Monday, November 24, 2008

Candle light march in Oceanside, Ca.

Another peaceful demonstration against Prop 8 held in Oceanside this weekend. Peaceful due in part to the amount of police that lined the route. A few hundred people marched, looked like a lot of straight people too which is always good to see. The weirdness came when we hit the roads, normally people in the cars would honk, or people alongside the road would shout encouragements as we pass by but that didnt happen. People just stared. I saw one guy shaking his head no and when I tried to take a picture of him he put his hand up to his face....ashamed of his position I guess?? After the march was done my partner and I were ready to get the hell out of Oceanside. Maybe that was the reason why the North County LGBT Coalition decided to have the march in that town. Lighten up people from Oceanside and get with the program! We ain't going away.

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Dar said...

We sure ain't going away, they'd better get use to it! Way to go Jude, keep up the good fight. Excellent photos! :)