Monday, December 8, 2008

Dare to be Different

Different? that's easy because we are all different from the start right? Ah, but then ask yourself are you showing your individuality in the things you do and the way you think or are you just going along with the pack. Because following the pack is easy. Takes no thought. You just hook up and ride along. This would be the life of mediocrity though and the state of barely living. People get trapped in this state, I know I do at times. I become compliant and lazy. That's when I need to give myself a good shake and shout inwardly to WAKE UP and reclaim my adventurous self. It's when I'm in a chance taking mode and when I'm propelled by my own energy that's when I feel the most alive and different. So this posting is to remind myself to keep daring to be different and be the noodle.


Dar said...

You've always been a noodle, Jude! :)

Dar said...

... And I did mean that in a good way! :)