Saturday, February 28, 2009

Boards in Oceanside

Pier Boards

Water Boards


ska8 boards

Mean Boarder

Not Board at all

..... and we had a beautiful day in Oceanside today.


lesbo said...

hey! i was on that pier back in october and it was a glorious day then, too!
so envious of that sunny shorts weather.
it was cold and drizzly here today.. blah.

glad you enjoyed your day!

Dar said...

LOL, I can see why you weren't 'board' too. (grin) Great shots! Love the wave! ... btw, how are you managing to control the layout, I mean centered captions and nice little frames around the pics? ... Looks good!

Jude said...

Lesbo, I'm beginning to believe any day on the pier is a good day. caught that, eh? lol. I'm learning to do the work arounds on picture posts. 1. reverse the order that you want to show, enter last one first etc. 2. if you go over the MB's, do more than one adds. 3. have patience when you have to move the photos, beer helps too 4. highlight everything then do the centering or siding. 5. frames around the pictures? pure luck.

Propane Amy said...

I do believe I was on that pier back in Feb of 2002. Oh what a time it was. There for a wedding, GF's son got insanely sick for the whole week we were there, and trying to get things done with 12 other people staying in 2 hotel rooms is NEAR impossible. I really hope I get back there in the next few years. If i do, you are the first person I am going to stalk!!

lesbo said...

i agree with dar--you manage so well!
i hate posting pictures in blogs lol such a damn chore! but i'm so glad you do because you have awesome shots :)

Jude said...

Amy, I hope your next trip here will be better than the last. And yes, you had better let me know if you're in the area. Lesbo, thanks for your compliment, photography is my wanna-be someday dream.

Dar said...

You all ready are Jude :), you just make you income from something else.

Solo said...

Jude, I so enjoyed your stuff,um, I mean like the blawg and the photos. I'm flying to L.A. soon and I have just added Oceanside to my list of beaches to visit!
Thanks for visiting my blog-I'm glad that I now have your 7 senses to remind me of Cali.
Really great photos!

Dawg said...

After the weekend I've had I would love to be at the beach!

Jude said...

Thanks Solo for your visit. Oceanside would be about a 2 hour drive from LA, without commute traffic, or accidents, or a car chase. There are some very hot beaches in the LA area, Laguna being one.
Dawg, yeah like no kidding. Although with the luck you had this past weekend the mean pelican would have gotten a hold of your nose, or something.