Friday, February 27, 2009

BrOkeN zEn

So much for
my outdoors'
feng shui
Crab ass
neighbor is
probably ecstatic.


C said...

awwwwww cant you untangle it?
im sorry, hon.


Windy Days said...

You can fix that! Especially if it was effective in annoying your neighbor! Look at my neighbor-fix. It makes her dogs go nuts! This is my site - Look at Frankie. Makes great noise!

Dawg said...

I have one of those! I love it, the sound is amazing during the summer.

Dar said...

It just looks tangled up to me. Just needs a bit of sorting out and I'm sure it will be up and annoying your neighbour in no time. :)

Jude said...

Not tangled but broken. The three pieces of wood on top should be one piece of wood. First it split into two then three and the chime parts went their own ways. I probably could have reassembled them somehow but it all ended up in the recycle bin. Sorry WD, you could have done something amazing with them for sure. I loved Frankie.

Dar said...

:( I'm thinking a trip to the wind chime store this weekend is in order then. All in the interest of balance and a sense of well being, of course, and not the fringe benefit of annoying Crab-assed neighbor. ;)