Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I want my cube back.....NOT

For the most part, it’s fun working from home but there are days when I miss the human interaction, HI, times.

Like when my Boss K and I sat two cubes apart and the guy in the middle always had bad gas in the afternoons. He would actually let them rip too. The first time it happened I sat there thinking, did I hear what I thought was a fart? It happened so frequently that Boss K and I would IM each other back and forth…..”did you hear that one?” or “he parted my hair with that blast”. I miss those HI times. With cut backs, jobs going other countries, buildings being closed we’re now at a point where the cubes are shared between two people. Lots of changes have happened since I've moved to San Diego four years ago. I have a new boss actually #3 since Boss K, the gas guy left the company and I’m working from home 100% of the time. No need to share my cube with anyone plus I get healthy fresh air breaks by going outside with the pooches between meetings. If I ever feel that I need some HI time or have a bunch of pictures to print, I can go in and work from a guest cube. For the most part though, I love working from home because at any given time I can step away from my desk and walk into the living room to see the kids and how Ziggy has rearranged the furniture. Little shithead.


lesbo said...

nice work, zig.

Dawg said...

I tried working from home ... I didn't accomplish much! HA!

I don't have to share a cubical, I get my own damn office with couch included.

Office interaction is the best! And besides, I love fucking with my employees, like the two idiots who were trying to figure out if the hot new receptionist was gay.

Dragon said...

I would love to work from home but at the same time enjoy coming to work to get away and have fun with my coworkers. Plus if I worked from home, my son would drive me in sane (needs some peace every once in a while) I think I would rather have the choice. Roads suck, stay home.

Propane Amy said...

I wonder if i could do my job from home??? I could just park the truck outside and say..... COME GET IT YOURSELF!!! LOL

I really love what ziggy has done with the place..... very, well um, homey!! LOL

Jude said...

I'll let Ziggy know you left some encouraging words for him besides what I told him, "bad dog". In all my work years a couch was available only in the ladies rooms and nurses office (actually it was a cot). And both places were used for more than just a place to rest for a headache too ; ) Dragon, choice would be a good thing esp when the roads are bad, it's Monday or Friday, or if you have a Dr's appointment. I've done the work at home thing enough to know that I'm more productive this way than going into work. Thing is too most of the people in my dept are scattered all over the US too. Only the boss lady is here in San Diego. (a very nice one too). Amy, I think it's time for your customers to belly up to the tank, esp the ones that don't shovel a path for you.

LilliGirl said...

LOL, I miss having a cube sometimes...We don't have assigned cubes anymore. We're pod people (meaning we are assigned to a "pod" for our project work and when it's done you're on to the next assigned one.) We tote all our stuff around with us and basically set up in a conference room everyday.

Jude said...

LG....That reminds me of a Mystery Science Theater 3000 Movie called Pod People. Hmmm, do you have blue eyes?