Tuesday, February 3, 2009

I'm High...

...cause somehow I measured up. Thanks to Propane Amy I have my first award. It's taking me a little while to find out what and how to do this part of the blogging process but here it goes. Propane Amy presented me with the "This Blog Measures Up" award. First of all, I'm honored that Amy thought of me and I checked to make sure she did have more than needed for the number of followers to pass this along. So, thank you again Amy. I'm still waiting for the pink boots, someday. Now to officially accept the award I have to answer a couple of questions: 1. Say something nice to a man in my life: well, they're aren't too many mens that fall into that category. The top man in my life though is my Dad. He's 89 and I'm very lucky to have him living with us. He and I spent yesterday afternoon out and about and had a great time and I let him know that with a big hug and kiss. 2. List 6 ways you measure success in your life. 1-I've had a job with the same company for 35 years, very unusual in this day and age. 2- R and I will be celebrating our 27th anniversary together this Valentine's day, and we just recently were able to get married....yaolza! 3- I was the first in the family to complete a Master's degree and the best part about that was when my Mother said how proud she was, even writing that gave me the warm and fuzzy. 4- I'm not afraid to try and learn something new which is why at sometime in my past I was a firefighter, an EMT, a Licensed Massage Therapist (not all at the same time) 5- I have friends that I know I can call on, not many but ones that will be there for me if needed. And 6- I am very grateful for what I have because I've seen and met many people who are shoeless.
3. Now I have to award 5 people who I think measure up:
This is the tough part because I've learned from, have gotten entertained by and even cried with many bloggers that I've met in my short blogging life. So here they are for various reasons.

because she's a very cool professional photographer

because her blog provides a different and honest view of current happenings

for letting us share her life as a Mom to a super great kid. Plus she likes dragons.

because he's not afraid to challenge the point of view when capturing a scene, I've learned
so much from looking at his photos.

because Dar's my friend and she's struggling and having fun as a writer. ;)

So the stamp is above, now go have some fun.

All Good Things,


kaitlin said...
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Dar said...

Thank you for passing the award on to me. :) ...Hmmm, I can always tell fellow at the corner store that he's a nice guy. lol. Not many men in my life either. ... It might be a bit before I can do the things to offically accept this award, but I'm working on it. Thank you for the vote of confidence though :)

Propane Amy said...

You are indeed welcome!! And i chose you because your blog makes me laugh. As for the punk boots, you will be waiting a long ass time!!! Congrats on getting married. And an even bigger congrats on 27 years. That is awesome. I feel honored to "know" you in the blogging world.

Joel Alvarez said...

you made may day Jude!

Michelle York said...

Good on ya' Jude..congratulations!

Dar said...

You DO have friends you can call on when need. I'm one of them. (((((HUGS))))) Dar