Friday, February 6, 2009

Photo Tag

So I’m finally getting around fulfilling my obligations to a tag that I received from Dar. The tag rules are: Go to the 4th folder in your computer where you store your pictures. Pick the 4th picture in that folder.  Post and explain the picture and then tag 4 people to do the same.

Now Dar ran into a little problem with being able to follow the rules for reasons that you’ll just have to go read her blog story and find out yourself. I also had to bend the rules slightly because my 4th folder contains all of my nude and partly nude shots of fabulous looking fems, dykes and even some straight women who wanted to pose naked for me.

Yeah right, so here’s my fourth picture that’s in my fourth folder on my pc's hard drive  (not my storage ;-). 

It’s Mikey, when he was a sweet little pussy kitten, sound asleep in my hoodie.

Tagging Small Town dyke to see what’s in her #4’s. Gypsy.  girls,girls,girls and Midwestern Mama. Have fun!



lesbo said...

Sweet! I love these kind!
Can't wait to see what my 4th picture is when I get home tonight.. ;)
Darling picture of the puss!... Omg vulgar. Oops ;)

Propane Amy said...

Hey Jude.... I've had to block my blog but if you would still like to read along here's my e-mail. Send me one so i can get your e-mail address to send an invite.

When you're able to read my blog again, you will understand why i had to block it.

Dar said...

You keep this up and I'm going to have stop believing that you hate cats. (grin)

Jude said...

I hate cats, I really do. Thats why I got Ziggy because Harley is just too nice to everything. Now the game is on between Ziggy and Mikey, Harley is the ref and I just sit back and laugh.

Real Live Lesbian said...

How adorable!!!!

Propane Amy said...

Hey Jude!! I have a new blog now if you would like to follow along. Hope to see you there