Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Twistin and Trippin

I don’t know how this guy or any dog walker does their job. They must have a special smell to them to be able to get 6, 8, a bunch of dogs, to walk together, in synch without any of them to crossing over and stopping to sniff at something dead. I know because I watched this guy with his little troop of tail wagers walking towards me, walk by me then continue on their way until they were all out of sight. I think I had my jaw in the dropped position for 8 minutes. Not once did the leashes tangle or the pace changed because of a diversion. I counted 9 dogs in this group.
This morning when R and I took Harley and Ziggy on the morning walk, we started out each with our own dog. Once we hit a certain spot in the walk, little Zig takes a dump. So his leash gets added to my responsibility along with Harley’s and R does the pickup deed. It’s at that point that I’m figuring on having the better task out of the two. I start walking the dogs back to the house and that’s when it becomes a stress test for me. I don’t think I’m clumsy or dysfunctional but I beg to differ those points when I’m trying to become the lead dog because it just doesn’t work for me. Crossed leashes, one stops while the other is pulling, one sees the cat while the other is taking a leak. My arms are stretched out, crossed over and one time I think I had one arm wrapped around me. Somehow we all get home.
Then I see these pictures that I took of the professional dog walker. This guy looks like he could handle 100 dogs and leashes and still be the lead dog. Not me.
Maybe tomorrow morning I’ll try picking up the poop. (gag)


Propane Amy said...

Maybe he owns stock in the "Dog Whisperer"??? ORRRRRR maybe he IS the dog whisperer in disguise!!???

LilliGirl said...

Wow! Its my 1st time here and I liked this post...I can handle a pack in the ayrd but hate walking more than 3.

Dar said...

Don't beat yourself up about not being able to to the top dog thing so well. I'm thinking it's more that the dogs that fellow was walking all had been to obedience school. (Grin)