Wednesday, March 18, 2009

At the beach and other places.

We got to Mission Beach around 11'ish and saw that the morning mist hadn't quite burned off yet. If you squint your eyes enough, you can see the waves. Squint harder.

But since there were people out on the sand soaking up the dew, Joey and I got our two ladies settled in a spot so they could work on their frogtan and we went off to do some shopping.

Wow, we found another type of beach so we went in to check out those waves.

Fat Tire plus UghBud times 3 then Joey went to get R and L so we could have lunch together.
After lunch, more shopping.

One UghBud, One Fat Fire and Tree LudeJuices.
We left Mission Beach and surprisingly Joey and I didn't get left behind and drove up to this place....

We should have paid closer attention to the traffic signs,
at least we donated to the education of an American Indian.

Finished the day at home with a Jersey BBQ of hamburgers and hot dogs.

Joey and I got through with getting only one foot in the DH and I think that was only for just a short time (from our second shopping spree). I'll know better later.

Not a bad day.


small town dyke said...

not bad for the first day! got to pace youself. have fun!

lesbo said...

Amazing day!
Lots of waves=perfect day!

shane rocket said...

top photo and sandbar are AMAZING!!! love it!!! try to only dangle that foot into the DH..... have fun

Monkey Outlaw said...

Looks like a damn good day to me ...nice travels!

Jude said...

We've recoop'd gonna hit the city today. Hey Shane, thanks for the kuddos, didnt have to blow the lens on the first shot, it was all natural.