Monday, March 2, 2009

I’m a CrabAss today….

…and I just figured out why. This week Prop8 will be back in the court, in fact it will be in front of the same California court that legalized it a year ago. This time the state Supreme Court will be taking up an appeal of Proposition 8 (or Prop 8ate) which is the voter-approved ban on same-sex marriage. The court will have a final say again and I’m hoping it’s going to be the outcome that will allow R and I to still be recognized as a married couple.

I never thought I would have felt this emotional and strong about marriage. I always said, “I don’t need marriage to show my love for R”. My feelings have changed now to questioning why my life partnership should be recognized any different than someone else’s, aka straights. I’m a crabass and it’s because I’m afraid my marriage will be null and void based on the outcome of the court. This week my plans are to:

Clean my camera to cover the Candlelight Vigil on Wednesday night.

Listen to the court proceedings on Thursday.

Then wait the long, could be up to 90 days, for the court’s decision concerning a very important part of my life.

Crap! 90 CRABASS days.

I better stock up on the beer and tequila.


Propane Amy said...

And I thought I was the only one called a

I'm hoping for the best for you. Make sure you post those pictures!! I used to have the same feeling about marriage.... who needs it to show love?? But, If i was in your shoes, my views would change also after finally getting that chance and then having it ripped away. But your marriage will always be law in my eyes.

Dar said...

I'll join you in that good stiff drink, and the good stiff attitude that you are going to have to find to get you though the waiting. @5&#### %&*+$%#@!!!!. There, that's what I think of those appealers.

I feel the same way about marriage as you do, and I use to feel the same about it as you did before. But like you I realized my attitude about it was simply a way to deal with not being able to have the same rights as everyone else. No more. You're married, and I know in your eyes, and in mine that will never change, but it's got to change with everyone else, because they just don't have the right to deny us the same rights and privileges that they enjoy.

small town dyke said...

Lets hope that they will still feel the same that they did before. !!!

Windy Days said...

Jude, chin up. Regardless of what that court says, you and R will still be in love, still be together, and still be somewhat ostracized. That's not right, but it's fact. So hope for the best, but don't stake your mood for the next 90 days on it. Revel in R. Go out. Breathe deeply and look up! Thinking of you - Windy

B said...

Great blog! Our photos of the ceremony have been posted!

Real Live Lesbian said...

We were planning to head to CA this fall to get legal and stop living in sin.

Here's hoping that things get put right.

I'm tired of you being a crabass! ;)

Jude said...

Thanks everyone for your support and putting up with my crabs, no not the live ones. Amy, you're sweet and I agree since R has taken my name no matter what the court says, she's my wife. Dar, you and I would be lushes by now, blabbin away all sorts of intoxicated induced conversations. Small town, that's what I'm so hoping for too. Windy, my chin's up, I'm a tough dyke when I need to be. B, thanks for stopping by and your pics are great, another congrats to you. Real Live, I think a walk down the boob tube is in order ;) Thanks again everyone.