Thursday, March 5, 2009

In need of a Doll

I going out tomorrow and buying myself my first Barbie doll.

She's got tats! Yes, that's right, Barbie is getting inked. What's next?

Nipple piercing? Fem or Butch Barbies that can get married?

I wonder how long Wal Mart will keep this one on the shelves before it buckles under you know who's pressure? I'm sure the right wingdings are already thinking that little girls playing with the out of proportion figured Tattooed Barbie will instantly create a whole generation of little lesbians. Oh my.

Hey, is Ken even still around?

Get those Barbies while they last.


Dar said...

Nah, Ken's off playing with GI Joe. :)

Windy Days said...

Barbie and Ken broke up. Barbie's with Midge. Ken is UNDEFINED. I hear he still has terrible hair.

How was the vigil?

Dragon said...

Wow, tattoo barbie. Yeah that won't last long, too many people with sticks up their asses. Because it is ok to give the image a girl has to be stick skinny and beautiful but not to have tats.

shane rocket said...

TAT-Barbie will never even grace the shelves here! People here are way too close-minded. I see your photos and envy you for living in such a magnificent place.
I am sad and hurt about "8" for you. Missouri or as I call it MISERY will never see the first part of allowing 'us' any rights. Us midwesterners wish we could march right beside you all. Hope to hear good things about "8". KEep the photos coming..... love them.

kandazzle said...

i want a tattooed barbie doll!!!