Tuesday, March 31, 2009

....let me count the ways. Four

How do I love thee?

So you moved in with me after a few months of extremely hot dating. It wasn’t the U-Haul type move either. You were in a relationship, with your husband, that hadn’t meant anything to you for years and you wanted out of it. You took care of the things that needed to be taken care of and you moved in with me into the little house in the woods at the end of the long and narrow driveway. We unpacked your car with your 8 cartons of clothes, makeup, shoes, makeup, hairdryer and other girlie girl things like makeup and we put the cartons in “our” bedroom. That was my first huge mistake. I didn’t have a dresser for your clothes.

After unpacking some of your stuff you basically were living out of cartons. Was I so insensitive back then to not make you feel at home or was I just totally absorbed in getting to know you better as we tumbled in bed? Because the problem was whenever we had arguments it was way too easy for you to move out. You only had to carry the already packed boxes to your car and carefully back out of the driveway. And boy, we had many major roof raising blow out arguments back then too.

Remember going to the woman’s gay bars where every third woman would know me? You didn’t like that even when the person was only a friend but most of them were something else. You had to put up with one heck of a past from me. We would walk into the bar and someone would kiss me, we’d argue about that later. Or someone would come up and give me a big boob hug, and later we’d fight. Every time you and I would come home from the bar, you’d be packing up the car. I lost count how many times that happened. But of course, we’d make up and you’d move back in until that one time when you were in the middle of packing your car I totally lost my cool.

We came home yelling and screaming from something stupid that night, you started to pack the car and I helped you. I picked up the first box and gave it a Dyke Chuck right into the woods. In-between more words of “YOU WANNA MOVE OUT?! I’ll HELP YOU!!” and after the second box went flying through the trees scattering the contents all over, you just sat down on the ground and started crying. Since I’m a big sucker for a crying woman I immediately stopped being your personal Atlas mover.

The next day I got you a dresser which ended the instant moves but it didn’t stop us from fighting, in fact our first year together was Hellish at times. I honestly didn’t think we were going to see our second year. But as fiery as we were in our arguments, which consisted of yelling, screaming and an occasional thrown object, our love making had four times the passion and making up exhausted us (big smile). Then one day the fighting stopped, as in totally stopped and that fall when the leaves fell off the trees we were able to laugh at seeing your hair drier dangling on a branch in the woods.

We were getting close to our 12 month mark of being together, I knew we were totally in love with and made for each other so I decided on doing something very special on our first anniversary, Valentine’s Day but first I had to ask you something.

to be continued ;)


Diane said...

am sitting here smiling reading your love story, and can hardly wait for the next chapter! thx for sharing this :)

shane rocket said...

more NOW.

didn't she notice it missing before the trees lost their leaves?
I sure can't wait to meet you two!

I made *g* cry, once- at the beginning of our years together;;; never again though.

Jude said...

Thanks for stopping by Diane.

Shane, a hair dryer to girly-girls is like a computer is to geeks...there's usually more than one..sigh.

Dragon said...

That was my first thought, she didn't realize the hair dryer was missing, but having more then one makes sense. Yeah, the only thing I own is a small black pocket comb so would have no idea.

But at least you two got past your first year ok. Many don't.

Oh, and nice cliff hanger ;-)

Windy Days said...

You're killing me here, Jude!

lesbo said...

Are you kidding me!? Carry on, keep going, we need more! :)

I love this story so incredibly much!

Propane Amy said...

Jude, I'm in love with you and your wife. Can I be the house pet or something??? I am potty trained.

small town dyke said...

I'm with windy, your killing me more please!!!!

Monkey Outlaw said...

JUDE! Just think if you would have bought the dresser earlier you would have been Dyke Chucking Drawers then having to but new ones! Everything happens for a reason I say! I can't wait to read more ... :)

Dar said...

Your writing getting very good, and I'm enjoying reading about you and R. Things turn out the way they do for a reason. Kudos to you both.

chris said...

I am so loving this episodic love story-- although the cliff hangers about kill me! lol... can't wait for the next part! :o)

Jude said...

Thanks for hanging in there gang...I'm not meaning to kill any of you either...it's just i try to keep the posting at a reasonable readable length...glad you're enjoying.

Amy, I had a friend in PA that always told me she wanted to be reincarnated as one of my pets...lol funny you should say something similar.

Monkey...excellent point!

Dar...coming from a writer that means a lot, thank you.

Squirty said...

Your story sounds very similar to my best friend and her now husband. They fought so bad that first year that I was convinced she should break up with him, and let her know it...but things changed one day and I have no doubt that they are meant for each other.

Great story. Can't wait for more and can't wait to have my own to share!

Real Live Lesbian said...

You and your damned cliff hangers! ;)

B said...

Interesting. Our clothes are not in "cartons", but it would be too easy to throw it all in a garbage bag and into the trunk. Trying to talk J into a dresser. It's a psychological thing with me.