Tuesday, March 17, 2009

.... let me count the ways. Two

How do I love thee?

continued from here

After our first kiss everything else that happened while we were at Maddies was a blur. We probably hung out there until it was closing time, 2AM more like 1:45AM because the bar clock was always wrong on purpose. Then it was time for the next big question. Of course you didn’t know it at the time that I was a player. I love women and I make no qualms about that fact either. I love women. So I asked you to come home with me and you said yes! It was my lucky night!

We left your car at the bar and I drove you to my place. I remember the first time we made love as if it was yesterday. I couldn’t believe the woman that was in my arms that early morning. Little did I know how much of you and I were going to be shared together from that point onward.

It must have been daylight when we both finally got some sleep. Then the phone rang. It was the Lushkateers calling asking me where the hell was I! Hmmm, home and very late in meeting up with two of my friends. I told them I’d get there in a bit, that I had company. “Oh Jude!” they shouted, cause, they’re my friends. A shower and a drive to your car to drop you off, sounds kind of cold now but that’s how it happened.

While we were on our way back to your car I asked for your phone number. You ignored me. In fact you made me ask two more times with the last time being in Maddie’s parking lot. You finally gave it to me. We said great time, good bye and drove off our different ways. I had a smile on my face all that day and I often wondered if you did too.

Three days later I was all nervous as shit when I called you. That’s when we started dating.

To be continued.


lesbo said...

You leave us with giant cliff hangers! NOT FAIR! ;)
Love this.

Windy Days said...

R, are you as lucky she is? I'd love to hear the other side of the story:) Dawn always says that I don't tell it right. To risk sounding like a total goob, you guys are an inspiration.

Propane Amy said...

I second Windy.... you are an inspiration. Don't leave us hanging as long this time!!! I want more!! Tell me more!! LOL

shane rocket said...

I am dangling off that cliff by the little root that is dry to the touch ready to break off in my hand...... damn.

Solo said...

OOoooweeee! Is it hot in here????

Squirty said...

I threw a bridal shower for a friend a few weeks ago....I did a game where I asked her fiance questions and she had to try and guess he answers. One question was: Where was your first date?. In front of her mom, his mom, and her grandmother, she blurted out "In the bedroom". She tried to explain how it was cute that he wouldn't leave the next morning. It was pretty awkward for a bit.

Sometimes it does work out....lucky you!

Sorry for the long comment!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Damn, what happens next???? I mean, I KNOW...but still. I want all the juicy details! lol

Great story! Keep tellin'!

kandazzle said...

awww. i want to know the rest!!!

Monkey Outlaw said...

Ahhhhh, I can't wait till the next installment!

chris said...

wow- when do we get installment three?! Can't wait to read more! And thanks for stopping by my blog too :o)