Friday, March 6, 2009

the long fight

How many miles do we have to walk

Shoulder to shoulder carrying home made

Signs high above our heads marching

In the streets stopping traffic and passing

Endless storefronts and sightless people?

How many shouts of “what do we want” and

“when do we want it” have to be heard

Before the bigots actions are drowned out and

The so called radical activist judges can come to their

Terms and decide that the constitution is for all?

How many more months or years are needed for

People to finally realize there is a group who have remained

Annomousous for fear of losing their jobs, friends, or life

And now are taking up the outward war to have the same

Entitled rights and be treated as a member of human kind"ness"?

How many more boycotts will be needed to denounce the

Companies engaged in discrimination practices or supports

The activities that suppresses the LGBTIQ community into

Achieving nothing more or nothing less of what every other

Person has across this free country of equal opportunity for all?


Until we've made it enough times.


Dar said...

You're damn right!

This is great stuff Jude, How many times... Really expresses how frustrating it must be to have to keep walking, keep shouting, keep fighting, and what it feels like to have these actions seem to go unnoticed....
But if one person changes their mind, and they tell two friends, and so on... It will have an affect.

I admire your determination, and I really do hope someone who's sitting on the fence happens by to read this post.

Keep it up Grrl. I got your back.

Solo said...

Thanks for your Holla Back to yesterday's post! I won't repeat my response here, but you'll see that I think we need to now focus on a FEDERAL MARRIAGE EQUALITY ACT, so we don't have to continue fighting this ridiculous fight in each of the 50 states for the next 40 years!
I have a really good feeling about this.
Your words and pix are so impressive. I'm really glad to have found your Blawg! Must be Karma!

lesbo said...

I love what you've said here. Brought tears to my eyes.

small town dyke said...

we just have to believe, thats about all we have left to us that they can't take away.

Krissy said...

Wonderfully written.
It's amazing that this should even be an issue though, why be against equality?