Monday, March 23, 2009

Man, my head hurts!

No, not my head, at least not this time but somebody else’s head hurt. As a volunteer EMT I would often wake up in the middle of the night to the tones. If I wasn’t on call I would listen to see where the call was located. If it was close to my house I’d go out to be first on scene and help because living in rural Pennsylvania it would take the crew 15-20 minutes for them to arrive on scene.

One early a.m. call found me leaving my Wife in our waterbed (remember them?), getting dressed, hopping in my Jeep and driving ¼ mile to an accident. The call came over as single vehicle, overturned.

Sure enough, the small pickup truck was overturned on its roof, tilting and resting slightly on the truck bed. Always cautious about my own safety I slowly approached the vehicle looking and sniffing for signs of a gasoline leak. Passing that test I started shouting, “Hey is anybody there?” That’s when I heard the drunken words “help me, please help me”. By now I’m by the driver’s side and seeing the driver upside down and trapped in the truck. So I kept talking to him and looking to see how he was entrapped. When the dumbass rolled the truck his head went through the opened sun roof. The top of his head was caught in-between the roof and the road which is why kept crying to me, “Man, my head hurts!” The fire and ambulance crews arrived, got him out, took him to the hospital and I went back home back to my waterbed. Damn straight, he had two different reasons why he woke up the next day with a headache. Dumbass drunk.


lesbo said...

holy shit!
not good!
i like how you instantly posted when someone else told you to post emt stories.
good, jude.

Solo said...

:) you are the Bomb, Jude!

Propane Amy said...

Good story but I want more!!! Can we do some gore?? LOL

shane rocket said...

sounds familiar!!! I never had sympathy for these jacks..... love it!

I was taught in firefighter school
"if your not part of the solution you are part of the problem"

good call!

Jude said...

Yes Lesbo, I got a request and BAMB!, I delivered!

Amy, no gore here, that was part of the request, you know queazy stomach issues?

Shane, another reason why, well, you know. And yeah, there's just too many driving while drunk stories which don't end up like this one did. This guy was just fucking lucky.

Windy Days said...

Is there a smoking hot job that you haven't had? Dawn was in the Army - I LOVE her pics in BDUs. Yummy!

Monkey Outlaw said...

Damn! You know sometimes it's hard for me to feel sorry for people like this! It's a good thing you were there to keep his ass awake or a lot more could have been hurt in his life!

Jude said...

WD...yes, must see those BDU's!
Hot jobs? Well lets see, I got some good stories from being a Licensed Massage Therapist. lol

I agree Monkey. I've got no sympathy towards people who get in trouble drinking and driving. I saw too many times where the victim ended up being not the drunk but the innocent person who was minding their own damn business.

Dragon said...

Yikes, the guy is lucky his head just hurt. I have heard of worse then that, such as stories where they couldn't find the head till they did the atopsy (yes you can guess where it was).

Yes, waters beds, had one and hated it!!!

chris said...

a licensed massage therapist?! bet there's a book full of stories there! Hey, my girl loves foot massages- any tips for me?

Jude said...

Chris, a 15 min/foot massage works just as good as a total body massage if done right. Areas on the foot are directly linked to certain parts of the body. Suggestions? start off light and as the foot is warmed up, go deeper but not too deep. wiggle those toes and do it all slowly. You'll be hearing some groaning pretty quickly.