Monday, March 23, 2009

Too early to process....

6:15 am

I’m slowly waking up and smelling coffee in the air. R walks into the bedroom and announces

“I think we’re out of coffee milk!”

Cloudy Me: “wwwhat?”

The Wife: “I think we’re out of coffee milk” Runs out of the bedroom as I’m still processing what I just heard her say. She walks back in and comes to my side of our supersized bed.

The Wife: “We have coffee milk”

Me: “you trying to scare me?”

She gives me my wake up kiss. All is good.


Dragon said...

LOL nice wakeup call

lesbo said...

she got lucky on that one! ;)

Windy Days said...

You guys are so sweet. When are you coming? We always have milk, I promise.

Solo said...

Good to hear you're still not in the dog house. Guess that "no coffee milk" might have been the deal breaker!LOL

Jude said...

Dragon, I consider myself lucky with those wake up calls. Lesbo and Solo, the no coffee milk could have been points for me. Tonight's Joeys last night and we're going to our fav Mexican rest. that has half price margaritas on Mondays. I'm not DH cleared yet.
Windy, July or Aug. We'll know better next month. got pillows? lol

shane rocket said...

try to be good tonight!!! or good at it!
that was enough for a panic, well once you realized it of course!

Propane Amy said...

Damn that MILK!! I guess it's a must have for coffee?? I wouldn't know, i don't touch the nasty shit.