Monday, April 6, 2009

Get Crackin!

Checking the status of my ultimatum to myself from 2 weeks ago…..

No alcohol – I cracked on day 12. I took the Wife to Hooters for lunch this Saturday (a pair of pints consumed) and yesterday we went to a birthday brunch at a place that served never ending champagne. I’m not stupid.

Smoking – check on the no cigars and whatever, still working on the cigarettes.

Junk food – done deal as long as popcorn isn’t considered in that list.

More white less red meat – done deal.

Exercising 90 mins/day – fuck this, I’m at 30 mins. I realize I absolutely have to add more by getting on the bike every day. I have 19 days to get into shape for airheadrobics endurance or I will be zombie walking at the Torture Spa.

Dessert – Haven’t had one cranky spell, in fact, I’m in heaven.

Two week results – lost 5 lbs.

Next 2 weeks:

Start cutting back on the cigs because it’s cold turkey come Spa time.

Get my butt on the friggin bike already. Just do it!

Increase dessert time because that’s cold turkey too for two weeks since The Wife is staying home. (don't dwell on the staying home part)


Dragon said...

The working out bit is harder said then done sometimes. I definatly get that. I go to the gym for an hour 3 times a week. I tried 4 times but hurt like hell on occasion. I work the weights and electroglyde (sometimes treadmill) Plus actually going and doing so. Plus hate all those people there at the same time.

Solo said...

Jude, I have a rowing machine that serves me actually better than a bike or treadmill (my knees are shot).
You're doin' GREAT!!! Take the kudos and keep on plodding along. Quitting smoking put soooo much weight on me. It's the tuffest thing in the world to achieve.
Good luck, my friend.

Propane Amy said...

You go on with your bad self Jude!! I feel your pain with the not smoking. I was doing pretty good cutting back alot but today *hanging head* I failed miserably.

The last thing i need to hear come out of Solo's mouth is how much weight gained from not smoking....LOL

Monkey Outlaw said...

Sweet very nice you are losing that's all that matters, the road to success is paved with little stones to overcome! I know you will do it!

small town dyke said...

your doingit and thats what counts. Keep with it and it will pay off. Very proud of you!

shane rocket said...

hooters..... ummmm easy place to crack.

good on the smoking.
great on the red meat! it is terrible.
yep fuck the exercise but keep trying!
fabulous on the five lbs!