Saturday, April 4, 2009

Meet the Fur Balls

Here’s our fur balls, sharing a spot of sunlight on the floor. Can they get any closer? From left to right:

Harley Girl – Mix Breed or who I call a Mississippi Mutt because that’s where we found her; outside a Mississippi Flea Market wandering around using only three legs since the one back leg had been broken. She played hide and seek with us as we walked into the market, the Wife gave me the “OOOOH JUUUDE!” and so I promised her that if the dog was still outside the market after we got done shopping, we would try to get close to her. Well, let me tell you how many times I walked up and down those isles because I was afraid to go out. Finally, the Wife caught on to my scheme and said let’s go. We walked out and there was Harley in the middle of a field we had to walk by, she was rolling on her back kicking her legs up in the air. I was able to get close by using my skillful doggie whisperer voice and she ended up coming home with us. We had her checked out, debugged and she’s been the absolute best dog in the world. Harley is my pal and shadow. She takes as many hugs and kisses as I can give her and she loves her belly rubbed; just like me.

Ziggy – Miniature Pincher. We just got him up a little over 3 months ago from a local Humane Society. He’s a year old and had been either crated or caged that whole time. He’s had some history of getting beaten but he’s slowly getting over that now and he’s fitting into the family quite well. He has the run of the house for the most part and he loves to go for rides in the SUV with his big sister. He still only sits when he wants to sit and he can drag the Wife down the road when she walks him. His little pea brain head fits right into my hand like a softball and he loves taking the Wife’s flip flops and making them into mince meat. He’s a cool little dude.

Mikey – Cat. Rescued. I call him Tuna Hole.

Not in picture because he would be dead is Buddy the parakeet. He loves going outside during the day in his cage and tweets with his wild friends. Not much of a singer inside the house unless I’m playing Green Day and then he doesn’t shut up.

That’s the pet clan. Every morning when I wake up I have Mikey on one side of my ankles, Harley on the other side against me in the crook of my knees and Ziggy smacked up in the small of my back. I am their personal heating pad. I look over to the Wife and she’s got over half of the bed and is free to turn, flip and move to her heart’s content. I’m not sure who the lucky one is but then, I’m not complaining either.


Propane Amy said...

What a nice little family you have there, Jude. But your missing one thing.... ME!!! I told you, I'm house trained and very obedient...LMAO

chris said...

what beautiful fur babies! love the pic! :o) love that you rescued them as well. Our Prince (shepherd mix) was beaten as a pup and was just about to be put down when my son came home "Mom, pullleeezeee...I'll feed him, bath him, etc..." That was ten years ago now and I've gotten used to doing all feeding, bathing, etc lol... :o)

lesbo said...

such a sweet lil family! I'm sure if we had more space/outside area then we'd have plenty more, too.

And don't listen to amis, she's totally not house trained! ;)

Omg my verificatin word is BARKING! How uncanny!

Gypsy said...

What a lovely fur family!

shane rocket said...

give them all big kisses from us and ours. They are all spoiled I am sure! you need a wiener dog?

Squirty said...

Ohhh I love puppy pictures!....and cats too I guess. Sounds like you have a great bunch!

I get two new foster pups this evening. Two six week old boy pups!

Jude said...

they are spoiled rotten

I don't need any additions

obedient? Amy - really?

Monkey Outlaw said...

Awwwww, them there look like some lucky critters... I always say that if an animal is still there when we leave places I'm taking it home to ... then Princess makes me use an exit far from the entrance we used!