Thursday, April 2, 2009

Morning Conversation

The Wife and I usually spend some time quiet time together in the morning before she rushes off to work. This morning we were sitting out on the deck, I had my second cup of java in hand and we talked:

Wife: Mikey (the cat) has really settled down. He even lets me kiss him on his head. (as opposed to scratching our eyes out like he use to do).

Me: You’re right. He’s stopped attacking me too. Except for the other day he got my leg, I don’t know why. Maybe because I kicked him?

Wife: JUDE!

Me: “smiling”

Wife: I’m thinking about what I want for my birthday.

Me: Good! (I had asked her earlier)

Wife: I want a Bos Scaggs CD.

Me: OK, but I want to give you something a little more than a CD. It’s a big birthday.

Wife: "frowning" Hmmm, I would like a new pair of ear rings but not the dangling kind.

Me: “thinking cha-ching! can do that plus add something else to it. mission accomplished”

Me: Hey Hon, how about if we start exercising together? We have the bike and the weights already in the one room. Let’s just start together and make if fun.

Wife: OK and let’s have more sex too.

Me: “thinking CHA-CHA-CHING-A-BING and calmly saying“ Ok, yeah, that sounds good.

Wife: I thought we were going to do it last night.

Me: “what-the-hell sign did I miss last night? Crap!”

Wife: Nothing’s on TV tonight.

Me: smiling

Wife: continues to talk but I have no idea about what.

I totally heart my Wife.


Windy Days said...

I totally heart both of you nymphomaniacs! Dawn just said, "I hope we're like that when all these kids are gone."

Dragon said...

LOL nice going on the miss signal. ;-)

small town dyke said...

go you!!

Dar said...

Life is good! :)

Solo said...

Way to go, J.!

lesbo said...

omg. I friggin love you two!

Propane Amy said...

Oh how I love Jude and her wife.... let me count the ways....

Squirty said...

Good one made me giggle.

Oh Jude, I heart you....I also have an award for you to pick up over at my place...if you'll accept it!

The Boss said...

Thanks for the add on my blog! I'm so glad I decided to check out your link. This is my new favourite blog (you know besides my own ;)

shane rocket said...

jude---- i heart you too!

Monkey Outlaw said...

I hear that change jar filling up fast and you reaping the bennys!!!