Thursday, April 23, 2009

My Road to Wellville

Beginning this Sunday and for the following two weeks my days schedule will be something like this:

6AM try to get out of bed

Eat breakfast

Workout – pool


Workout – cardio

Play Walleyball

Scarf up lunch

Workout – strength


Workout – pool


Inhale dinner


TGforWalleyball or I’d go fuckin nuts!


Squirty said...

Ouch...good luck with that.

I think you're gonna need to include a message in there somewhere...

Dar said...

Ah, you know you're going to love it! (grin) You do this every year. It's a be good to yourself kind of thing. No pain no gain, and the reward is feeling good about what you've accomplished. ... Take it like the butch you are Jude. You're tough enough. :)

Dawg said...

i'm here for you! I'll even be your hellbitch trainer!

now give me 20! licks! hehe.

small town dyke said...

Good luck we will expect a full update when you get back!

Real Live Lesbian said...

LMAO @ Dar...

take it like a butch!

Have fun!

lesbo said...

Hot damn! Kudos to you! Can't wait for updates!

Dragon said...

Good luck with that!!!! Just keep at it, keep yourself disciplined. wallyball, is that the same as wurrlyball? Wurrly ball is a lot of fun!!!

Jude said...

Walleyball is just like Volleyball but in a racquetball court with the walls playable. Makes for some interesting ball angles. I like the front line so I can do the down your throat spikes and block the down my throat spikes.

Windy Days said...

You are totally frightening! If you had a headcam we could see the fear in your opponents' eyes. I'm just saying. Something to think about.

shane rocket said...

hopefully your itouch will work...that many days without technology. makes me cringe.

be healthy!

Monkey Outlaw said...

LOL! I will think of you while I play ball and drink beer Sunday!

Sandy said...

Good luck on keeping up with yourself.I'll be thinking about you,especially starting the day at 6AM.You will have to take another vacation when you get home to rest up.Think of all the rubdowns you can ask R.after you get home.Hang in there,girlfriend.