Wednesday, April 22, 2009

There's an S on My Back

The Wife called me from work.

Wife: How about going out to dinner tonight?

Me: ummmm, ok?

Wife: You know, for my birthday.

Me: ohhhhhhh, ok.

Wife: We can go to Brigantine.

Me: (cha-ching $$$) ah, sure.

Wife: Well, it’s Wednesday and it’s half priced on a bottle of wine.

Me: Ok, sounds good.

So far………

Party- $$$$

Presents- $$$$


I’m getting the big dessert tonight! Or what Dawg would call, SOD.

Note to self: Make sure I’m in town next year for the Wife’s birthday!


Dawg said...

SOD is soooooo worth it!

small town dyke said...

yes it is!!!

shane rocket said...

woop woop.....

C said...

happy birthday!

hope you have a helluva good time!


Jen said...

Hope the birthday celebration turns out great : ) And of course, the SOD!

Aaron said...

ok i had to ask the boy what sod was. i feel so stupid now.

happy birthday!

lesbo said...

So.. How was your dessert?

Jude said...

I'm so taking the Wife out again tonight! :) :) :) :) ;)

Dragon said...

SOD is always good!!

Squirty said...

Again, I want to be just like Jude when I grow up. I am taking notes.