Friday, April 10, 2009

What Would You Do? - Results

Thanks everyone for answering the above question in my previous post because you’re opinion is important to me.

The results:

100% said they would have watched the show (of course!)

60% added they would have watched it with their partner

ME: I watched but didn’t tell the Wife what was going on behind her back because my inner voice (IV) has a way of hijacking my vocal cords. So here’s what happened…

It’s dark and the Wife and I were sitting out on the deck. I noticed the neighbors bedroom light go on and….

My IV: hey, what’s that, lights are on, “L” must have compa….someone’s walked in. Whoa I can see inside. Hey wait. The blinds are down and I can see inside. (in a sing song way) I have x-ray eyeesss. I have x-ray eyeeeess.

Wife: So let’s go over the weekend …blah,blah,blah

My IV: hey, what’s that! Holy shit, she’s taking off her shirt. YES. Take it OFF NO.NO. Don’t turn. NO. shit!

Wife: ….and we’ll go grocery shop..blah,blah,blah.

My IV: NO! She’s going to remove her bra now? YES! The bra is OFF!!! (And to the song of the William Tell Overture, you know, the Lone Ranger) Turn around, turn around, turn around, round round. Yes! She’s turning around!

Wife:…make gravy….spaghetti…blah,blah,blah

My IV: Oh my gosh, she’s NAKED; I can see her boobs, ahhhhh nice.

Then I watched as the lovely lady slipped into her PJ tops and my inner voice disengaged and I was able to speak again; well, kind of sort of talk. The Wife and I got up to go inside and she asked me if I heard anything she had said and I blurted out a little too loudly, “spaghetti!”


Windy Days said...

William Tell is perfect! You are a riot! I missed you!

lesbo said...

love it!
great story.
i just realized i didn't reply to that post. shoot. but i totally would've watched! duh ;)

Propane Amy said...

LMAO!!! Jude you are a flippin riot!! I want to go out with your IV.

Solo said...

So, is she coming back THIS weekend???

shane rocket said...

i can't contain my loud laughter.....

Monkey Outlaw said...

LOL at least you didn't blurt out some other thing(s)!