Friday, May 1, 2009

Get Away

Last night's phone conversation the Wife:

Me: Hi Babe.

Wife: Hi, so what did you do today?

Me: Water walked 4 miles, weight circuit, wallyball, healthy blah, blah, blahs.

Wife: That's nice.

Me: How was your day?

Wife: The animals had me up at 4:30 AGAIN. I fell when Harley and Ziggy crashed through the fence. I didn't get time to stop for lunch because of the traffice. We were busy at work. When I got home Ziggy had destroyed the last fuzzy ball and the stuffing was all over the living room. Mikey (the cat) keeps going after Ziggy's neck. Buddy (the parakeet) sings to rap music now.

Me: Really? Rap music. How's your knee's?

Wife: They're fine.

Me: That's good.

Wife: I had to pleasure myself (yes that's how she says that) the other night. You're never going away for two weeks again without me!

Me: O.K. (smiling)

Wife: Baby, I miss you so much. I hate it when you're not here.

Me: I miss you too.

It feels good to know the Wife still loves and appreciates me after all these years. Occasional separations keep our relationship fresh and HOT.


lesbo said...

So we should expect to not hear from you for a few days when you get home..? ;)

shane rocket said...

my forecast--- Jude and Wife in bed for days after Jude gets back. ipod and computer unplugged???? And you will loose more in inches with that exercise than all of the wallyball combined!!! HAHAHAHA

Jude said...

You both are right on. I've already put in the request, although I don't think I needed to do that, for the Wife to keep Sunday clear and free.
Sat night will be s.e.x. until I say no more. Sun AM will be a double then add some afternoon delight and finish the day with some dessert. That would keep me happy for a day or two. And no spiking will be required!

lesbo said...

You win!

Jude said...

Lesbo, you're funny!

Natalie said...

i must admit i giggled at the "pleasured myself" comment. those exact words have come out of my mouth several times. i won't admit who i said them too though!