Thursday, May 14, 2009

Hate Crime?

I’m trying not to get worked up about this because 1. It could have just been a single occurrence of wrong place at the wrong time 2. I don’t want the Wife any more worried than she is but I’m definitely not happy what happened to my Wife yesterday, or more specifically to my Wife’s car.

She walked in the back door yesterday after work and after saying the required 20 hellos to the demanding happy pups she came in and declared to me she was a victim of a hate crime. I immediately sucked in all the air in the room and asked what happened.

She told me she had a swastika fingered on her side window of her CRV.

Ok, so I could say this isn’t a personal attack but still, it was her car. And it’s not like there’s a bunch of rainbow stickers on the car either, in fact there’s no rainbows only a HR Campaign sticker (=), a “GG” sticker (“girl on girl” and I don’t even think half of the gay community knows what that logo stands for) and an Appalachian Trail Member sticker. I had removed the “No on 8” sticker shortly after the elections.

She was very upset and had wiped the swastika off with a paper towel before she left work.

I told her if it happens again to call the police and to call me right away so I would drive to her work place. I’m hoping it’s not going to happen again.


aj said...

First let me say, I'm sorry you had to experience the disappointing bigotry that so many people feel is their "duty" to swastikas and otherwise.

There are two sides to the FEAR things like this create:

1. You can hope it doesn't happen again. It was a small moment, an ignorant person's attempt at striking back to your equality sticker. What jerks. They're probably insecure about their beliefs, but feel threatened by your strong declaration for equality. Or maybe they like that California-Queen Gay-Hater, or just really hated math class and equal signs.

2. Deep down, you know that hate crimes often start small, taunting, words, notes left behind, but can sometimes turn into something much worse in only a matter of weeks. Before you know it you're watching your back, and dialing the police more than each other.

I'm sure you're experiencing both of these feelings over what occurred. Trying not to worry too much, while also trying not to worry too LITTLE. Again, I'm sorry you're having to experience this type of fear. This obviously brings to light the larger issue at hand. Discrimination, bigotry, and hate crimes.

Some day we will see people as people. Human beings with hearts and minds not so different than our own. Valuable to the nation and to the world. People who laugh at funny jokes, cry at mushy movies, and prefer their eggs scrambled.

Human beings who breathe air into their lungs, walk their dogs in the mornings, dump Splenda in their coffee, and use shaving cream. Real. Human. People. The kind of people that seem a lot more like an *us* instead of a *them*. When we do bridge those divides, see past the minor differences, and take in the beauty of humanity, we truly love.

I hope this for your tormentor. A glimpse of humanity. Maybe they went home and thought about what they drew on your wife's car. Maybe not. Maybe they regretted the act at a later time, or maybe that time has not yet come. Maybe their actions will cause a small amount of guilt to burrow its way inside, soliciting a small change of heart. Or, Maybe they'll leave another sign tomorrow.

In the meantime, stay strong. You are brave, courageous, and convicted. Displaying the equal sign for human rights may make you a target to some, but it makes you a hero to so many more.

Jude said...

AJ, thanks so much for taking the time to comment. What you've written is so true and means a lot to me. I'll be sure to share your words with my Wife.

Thanks again.

Dawg said...

Any of the stickers could have provoked it, AND, most of the white supremacy fucks hate everyone unless they are blue eyed and blonde. They.Are.Uneducated.Fucktards.


It could have been a kid.

Have her focus on the positive! And remember shit happens.

shane rocket said...

where do i need to be with these brass knuckles? and who am i kicking in the mouth!!! keep her safe jude...
like i know you will :::HUGS~r

Dragon said...

I agree with Dawg on both accounts. Damn ignorance in this country or anywhere for that matter. Hopefully it was only that one occurance and nothing else happens.

Real Live Lesbian said...

Here's hoping it's isolated...

but if she needs a posse, I'll be happy to come out there and kick ass with ya!

lesbo said...

eek. Sorry this happened to wifey. Hopefully it was a fluke, scary as it was.

And I love all that aj said. Amazing.

Show your hrc sticker with pride. Someday it'll happen.

Jude said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. It's nice to know I could have a little posse here for back up if needed. :) You gals are #1.

The Wife read all the comments too...and although earlier yesterday she said something about removing the HR sticker from the back window, she hasn't asked me to do that yet. I'm hoping it was just a one time, kid thing and that it won't happen again.