Sunday, May 10, 2009

Home Sweet Home

The Wife was waiting for us at the airport on Saturday. We didn’t have any delays so I was able to give her a big hug and kiss in the not so busy San Diego airport a little after 6PM. Home sweet lips.

I worked hard during those two weeks at the Spa. I lost a total of 12 lbs, reduced my body fat by 3.5% and lost 16.75 inches of me. Yup, I worked fucking hard and today I slept for most of the afternoon.

I feel great and it’s going to be easy for me to keep up with a program now. I’ve looked into either signing up for Jazzercise (have to check it out, if it’s too step dancy, forget about it) or Boot Camp (more my dyke style). I’ve started to research a bike rack for the car so cousin S and I can hit the trails on our mountain bikes and my stationary bike and Precor weight machine have been dusted.

So even though I’ve heard an earful from the Wife about her being home alone for 2 weeks and how the animals, with the exception of Harley, all misbehaved and how the neighbors home got raided by a group of 20 some Postal Agents and how I am to never be away from the house again for that long; I’m already booked for next year’s trip. I've got be there for Wally ball week but shhhhh, please don’t tell the Wife. At least I’ll be home for her birthday.


lesbo said...

welcome home!
so glad you're back and had a great trip!
sounds like an amazing two weeks! kudos to you on all the improvements you made and the goals you made for the future.

hope you had a great day with your lady :)

Dar said...

Way to go!! :) Yeah! Welcome back Jude! :)

But what's this about the neighbours being raided by 20 some postal agents? LOL.

You're wife doesn't fool me, she missed you to bits. (Grin)

Though boot camp sounds very interesting... (you might have to explain that one a little more though) I was thinking you might try to find a wallyball team you could join.... Just a thought.

Good to have you back friend.


C said...

hey jude [heehee]

welcome home! being away sex is just the greatest, aint it..?


Newbo said...

Ohh wow well done!

shane rocket said...

ABOUT FRICKIN TIME YOUR BACK>>> now i can give you regular shit again....

Jen said...

Welcome back Jude! We've missed you around here.

So happy to hear bout your weight loss and glad you are feeling so healthy. Great job : )

Windy Days said...

Good for you! That's amazing! Dawn and I have shoe-buying date planned so that we can work off our winter weight. Our regular exercise schedule just isn't doing it anymore. Oh, I crack myself up!

Welcome home! I MISSED YOU!

Sandy said...

Welcome home and into the arms of your wife.You really did well at the spa.Keep your motivation up and achieve more of your goals.Looks like you have lost some love handles.Looking forward to seeing and meeting you and the wife next month.

Dragon said...

LOL well at least you are home now and you enjoyed yourself. And yes, it is easier to do more after you have started exercising, it is just the discipline to keep at it.

Squirty said...

Glad you made it back safely and a little lighter!