Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Bad

Last night, a conversation with the Wife. (stemming from my Help posting)

Me: Hey, I've figured out a way we can get out of having to march in all of the pride parades all the time.

Wife: looking at me with her eyebrows raised and interested. How?

Me: I get a motorcycle.

Wife: stares at me and starts chuckling nervously

Me: Really, I get a bike and then we'll be able to Ride in the parades.

Wife: staring at the TV Honey, please don't stress me out right now.

Me: But don't you think that's a good idea? We'd be riding with Dykes on Bikes and you can be my Bitch.

Wife: Honey, please I'm concentrating on watching American Idol.

Me: But it's a commercial!

Wife: keeps staring at the TV

Ok, so maybe I didn't pick the right time to start to talk about this, my bad, but I'm sure the subject will be brought up again ;)
I've planted the seed.


Real Live Lesbian said...

You'd better find some miraclegrow for that little seed! lol

Good luck!

And if you do succeed, don't ever talk to my woman!

Windy Days said...

You interrupted American Idol to call her your bitch? Wow! That was dumb. Hey - I know another ex-spouse who made a habit of interrupting American Idol. He's nice, about 6 foot, great seed, would love a bike. You might have to be the bitch, though.

FIX IT, Moron.

Jude said...

RLL....laughing about the miraclegrow, I think you're right with that one.

Windy! I was talking during a commercial, that's fair game time. And hey, that ex-spouse sounds like the other team to me....eewwwwww!

Anyway, I'm still working on it. It's been too long since I've had a bike!

Dawg said...

Tell her Dawg said you could borrow my bike ONLY IF you come to Toronto for Pride ... I have no problem riding bitch on Hotties bike :)

Dragon said...

LOL good luck with that. Sounds like you have a while of struggling before you get further with this.
I think it is a great idea personally but I plan on getting my motorcycle in the next couple years anyway. Now just to find a girl to be my bitch lol

lesbo said...

Jude, jude, jude... GF and you are twins.
She's dying for a bike. And she's said almost the same thing. I could ride along for dykes on bikes. LOL
NO. Not into them. Rocket's post would be me. FREAKED out always.

Jude said...

Sweet offer Dawg! Might take you up on it next year. This year, I'll be meeting some good friends in FL.

Dragon, you're so right. The W isn't fond of the idea of me riding a bike. I had one pre-wifey day and lived thru it. Could be different this time.

Lesbo you and your GF need to get your butts down to San Diego. Pride is in July. GF and I could drool over the DonB's together.

shane rocket said...

did you not just read my scare post like lesbo said?

and i agree with Windy, moron.
need to work on the timing!!!
you need an 18wheeler full of miracle grow!
now who is a twit?

Windy Days said...

YEA! Hey Dawg, I'M THE "GOOD FRIEND IN FLORIDA!" Na Na Na Boo Boo! I Get Jude! :)

Unfortunately for Jude and R, it will be a crushed up minivan instead of a dyke bike. Not quite as sexy, I know. But we do have a CD player and can see how many different ways we can harmonize "Closer to Fine."

Good times.

Dar said...

LOLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! ... I think you blew it with the bitch part! LOLLL ... It was a good idea, until then. LOL....

Jude said...

Yes Rocket, I read the post about the "truck" accident. It wasn't a bike, ggeeezzzzz shthd.

Silly Windy, a van with flowers is just fine. I'm still bringing the ice though...can't wait, peacemon V.

Windy Days said...

I'm not sure why flowers came to mind - I might can manage it, though. Like the snow white VW bug I was in the process of buying when I found out I was "with child." Bugs always have flowers. I got a 9 lb kid instead - good trade off.

Yeah, yeah - bring the damn ice. I'm a little freaked out myself, honestly. I'm sure the ample pour of tequila will take care of the William Foot & Mouth Funk, right?

aj said...



"You can be my bitch."

Words every woman dreams of hearing...