Sunday, May 3, 2009

Spa Bits

Here's a few noted observations I've made from my first week at the Spa:

- I've gained more flexability and strength.
- I'm down to one smoke a day with only five left in the pack.
- Straight women want to be on my team. (wallyball)
- People who color coordinate their fitness accessories look stupid.
- Farts are funny during stretch class.
- Watching the belly dancer made me horny.
- A jammed finger takes a long time to heal.
- Sweaty women are hot.
- Sweaty men are gross.
- TG there's more women than men here.
- Playing teams sports rock!
- I blushed everytime the sexy artist told people I was her star pupil in drawing class.
- Tofu can be hidden in any food source.
- Fitness instructors have stone hard legs.
- There is no one as beautiful as my Wife.
- I have eight pounds less of me this week.

My Bod is really ready to double dyke it up next week!

Happy Sunday Everyone!


Dar said...

Oh my gosh... there are belly dancers there???!!!! I gotta make me more money so I can go to one of these spa things! ... oopps, sorry, now I'll read the rest of the post. (sheepish grin)

Dar said...

... Of course straight women want to be on your team silly. (grin) ... Laughing at the funny farts.... :) ... oH, just got hung up on the belly dancer again.... (shaking head to clear it.... ) Absolutely agree about the sweaty men and women thing.... Aw, you're so modest Jude, and cute with the blushing. :) ... And sweet to assure the wife while you are away, ... And I'm not saying anything about the double dyke it up thing, if it means what i think it means, that's between you and your wife. :)

Happy Sunday back at you! :) You go Grrl!

shane rocket said...

:) keep on truckin chick. have fun with your pop.

Jude said...

Dar, double dyking means putting my heart and soul into something in a dyke fashion way. Being tough with no whining. That's all. I wasn't talking about what I do in bed! LMAO

Real Live Lesbian said...

Ok, you just won me over with the bellydancers! How far is this place? lol

Dawg said...

Woot woot Jude! Keep going!

Dragon said...

LOL I agree with you on most of those and my best friend Liam would totally agree with you on the farting one. LOL

lesbo said...

Phew--good to know I wasn't the only one who had the wrong impression of what double dyke meant LOL
I want to go to this place, too! I'm with Dar--needs ta get me some more monies and make it happen!

Glad you're having a good time! Can't wait for you to return!

Aaron said...

funny i was watching naked yoga on here tv the other day and i thought about farting im not right!

kandazzle said...

I want to go on a spa vacation and lust after belly dancers and play sports and watch hot girls sweat. Can I sell candy bars or girl scout cookies or something to get there?