Thursday, May 7, 2009

To My Wife

I'm missing you
so deeply My Love;
counting the days
then the hours
to our first renewed
kiss and embrace.
The time apart
has given me
the chance for
uninterrupted reflection
of why I strongly feel
the empty space
that would be you.
I will be home
in your arms soon
and even though
the days will quickly
melt into life's chaos,
I promise every day
you will feel
my love for you.


lesbo said...

So sweet!
How much longer?

Jude said...

TKS Lesbo. The Wife picks us up at the airport Saturday night and I'll be coming up for air Monday morning for work ;)

Windy Days said...

You old sap! Could you be more adorable!

Newbo said...

Aww thats so sweet!

Propane Amy said...

I love that after 27 years, you both still have that heated passion. I hope I get half as lucky as you in the future. You make me hate being single....LOL

Have a safe trip home!!

shane rocket said...

hugs... adorable....

Dawg said...

Awww .. so sweet its sickening! LOL

Jen said...

Awww Jude <3

Sandy said...

This is very sweet and tender.Aaw, those love sick blues.Hope you have a safe trip home and in the arms of your wife very soon.

Dar said...

Beautiful Jude. :) There nothing better than being away from home to make you realize just how precious it all is. ... And btw, I was right in my interpretation of double duty dyke. " ... coming up for air Monday morning for work" (chuckling) :)