Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Warning: Don’t be Followed by a Man

I was so excited that cousin S and I were finally going to hit the trails on our mtn bikes today. We met at the trail head and since it was the first time dirt riding for either of us in a long time, we did a good bike check. Mine had just gotten back from the shop all tuned up and with new front brakes so I was ready to roll.

We put on our gloves and helmets and the last thing cousin S said to me is “I’ll follow you.” Three pedals later I knew I had to adjust my seat higher since it felt like my knees were hitting my ear lobes so I stopped. Cousin S was looking at his feet. Before my feet were able to touch the ground I was being thrown forward onto the street. Luckily it was a dead end type street so no cars. I skidded nicely along the gravel though since cousin S had rear ended me. My bad since I hadn’t shouted out I was stopping.

Damage done….Scraped right ankle from the entanglement with the pedal. Landed hard on my left elbow but since I had long sleeves on to protect my new tat from the sun, there was no skin breakage there or broken bones. The gloves saved the palms of my hands. Wearing shorts had my left knee wide open to receive the road rash. My head never hit the pavement so I should have had the helmet on my knee.

I got up and the things I checked after skin and bones were tats. My dragon’s tail was narrowly missed by the pedal and the others were ok. I was fine. I patted the knee down with my shorts and we went on a fabulous ride.

Riding is going to be a weekly thing now and whoever crashes will buy the first round of beer.

Note to self: Break the Dyke rule and keep my eyes on the man’s butt. (yeah, I know yucksville)

Question to Solo: Does this mean I get bumped out of #2 spot?

not a big deal

after the shower and de-graveling


SOLO said...

Not to worry, dude. You're safely written in #2 in INK. Ooo, sure hope that didn't hurt as badly as it looks!!

Propane Amy said...

OUCH!!!! God, that looks painful!!!

shane rocket said...

sweeeeeet. i love road rash, cause scab picking is sure to follow...

p.s. it shouldn't hurt the tats, i scraped off the whole face and boobies of one of my girls on my arm. and i'll be darned if the bitch came back just fine. lol

Dawg said...

Ouch! Nice one :)

Windy Days said...

My God! Maybe you guys could just watch a movie next week.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you guys and all of us today:) You'll call me if you hear something, right?

lesbo said...

Pretty sure I would have cried like a little girl and gone home LOL
Glad you enjoyed your ride!

LilliGirl said...

ick - I hop eit's not too stiff now. I always hate that part the worst!

Anna said...