Monday, June 15, 2009

His Bad

I became passionate against drinking and driving when I ran as an EMT. I saw too many times it was the innocent person not the drunk who was the victim. But on one night…..

…as it was nearing 6:00PM it was getting close to the end of our long 12 hour shift. Everyone had plans for the Saturday night and wanted to get home to get ready to play out the night. No chance of that happening.

The tones went off for a single vehicle car accident. When we arrived on scene along with seeing fire fighters and state police we heard the very obnoxious driver. The drunk had wrapped his fender around a tree which was our first indication that he had been traveling fast. Inside the car the bottom of the steering wheel had been bent towards the pedals and the passenger front window was outwardly spidered; classic signs that the driver wasn’t wearing a seat belt and the he had sustained injuries.

Did I say he was being a total jerk? I put a bandage on his bleeding nose. He ripped it off. I was offended because I was known among other things, as the bandage queen and I thought I had done a fine job.

We tried numerous times to get him on the stretcher. He was refusing all help. The police offered to arrest the guy but then that was nixed after it was found out the drunk was an ex-cop. We couldn’t do anything and the crew chief (wasn’t me, I was still a rookie) signed off the driver. He refused our help. One of his buddies took him home.

Our shift was over when we got back to the station, cleaned and restocked the rig.

Later on in the early morning, I woke up to the tones and dispatch telling the morning crew they had a “Code-10” which in code talk for that area meant, dead person. The address sounded too familiar for me. The drunk driver had died at home. Later we found out that he had died of internal bleeding.

It took me a while to get over that call. Endless strings of “what ifs” kept me awake at night and raced through my mind. My saving grace was thinking, at least he hadn’t killed an innocent person that night and would no longer have the chance of driving a car again while intoxicated.

I.Hate.Drunk.Drivers. Yeah, I’m still not over that one.


Nulaanne said...

When I was an EMT I hate the calls for car accidents. I agree about drunk drivers.

That is a sad story it is to bad that he was so stubborn. But, his choice probably saved some kids life.

Jess said...

That is tragic. There has been more than once that I shouldn't have been driving...

On that note, after getting home at about 2:00am this past Saturday, we heard the screech and a halt of an accident. We ran down to the intersection to find that a cabbie and a Honda had a big kiss. BOTH VEHICLES were dumping out alcohol and throwing "things" into the bushes.

We made sure all was well and walked away...didn't want to get caught up in all of that, but I feel certain they were both arrested. I was too tired to stay and watch though.

shane rocket said...

fuck him... i have had a few of those in similar circumstances. once a lady had a definite blood line around her torso-nipple area... she AMA'd with us telling her she could be bleeding internally or have a clot? we got back to the station- she coded- we got called back. we had to work her knowing she would have been at the hospital at the time of the code. maybe saved? i watched them work her in the er and then call her time of death. stupid woman. it is our job to take care of them to a point jude. after that i say fuck em. we can not save them all...and ur right he could have killed someone who was innocent.

now about the nickname... bandage queen. hmmmm

CrackerLilo said...

*hugs* There's only so much help you can give people who don't want it, but I'm sure you've been told that a squillion times. Gods bless all EMTs past and present! My Ex-Boy is one, and it's about the only thing I still like or respect about him! It really takes a special kind of person to do that job.

Dragon said...

I agree with Shane. You can try and help them as much as you can but when they are idiots and completely refuse, that is out of your hands. You tried and did the best you could. I hate drunk drivers too, it is so sad to see inocents hurt or killed because of someones stupidity. I have no sympathy for those.

Propane Amy said...

I can understand why it would bother you. You know i almost went to school to be an EMT. Almost being the key word.

I was fresh out of the military, driving to the store when i saw a truck fly around a corner and slam a tree. He was ejected from the truck. I immediately pulled over, called 911, and ran to wear he was at. I preformed CPR (requirement to know in the mili) until EMT's arrived. I knew it was pointless when I started, but I was there and felt I had to try something. He didn't make it. I gave my statement to the cops and went home. All that day i couldn't stop thinking about it. I decided that I could never be an EMT. I wouldn't be able to take not saving everyone i came into contact with.

You are a special breed Jude. And I love you for it.

midlifenatalie said...

i could never be an emt. i tend to think straight in times of crisis, but it would wear me out quick. very thankful for people like you!

TheEXfundi said...

I had two step-sisters killed because my step-dad was driving drunk while they were in the car. They were 11 and 4 at the time of their death.

C said...

i hate drunk drivers as well. too many kids and grown up people have been killed or mangled by them.



Jude said... sorry to hear your step-sisters were victims. I have countless of horrible stories about the results of people getting behind the wheel when they're drunk.

Camlin said...

Thank goddess for people like you. You couldn't change the choice he made, but at least you tried.