Monday, June 8, 2009

Out in San Diego

I covered a portion of the Equality Torch Relay this Saturday. My 2 hour assignment turned into an 8 hour one; yeah, big S on my back.

Here’s a bit about the relay.

The Equality Torch Relay will be carried by hundreds and hopefully thousands of equal rights supporters to the steps of City Hall in every city in San Diego County. The Relay will inspire courage for many, and be a cause of reflection for those who haven't considered how LGBT discrimination could affect someone they love. Some will walk, some will run, some will drive and together we will inspire our community as we raise awareness of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender San Diegans who embody our community's rich history of courage, spirit, achievement, and activism.

Many torches were carried throughout San Diego County and reports are saying close to 3,000 people participated to the mostly peaceful event. One incident occurred in the Lemon Grove area where the SD PRIDE Organizer was attacked while he was waiting for the marchers. It was caught on video too.

Here’s a pictorial snippet of the part I covered.

The beginning of our portion of the torch relay.

Our first of many torch hand-offs.

We were escorted by two hot women from WOMENMOTO.

With my camera in hand, I have a way of bringing out the best in people.
Here is someone giving us the vertical HRC equality sign.

This is group that I belong to. Note the two young skateboarder
girls on the left. They got their Mom's permission to
march with us for part of the route.

This is, well, (sigh), ummm....leather!

A hand off at the beach. The fellow on the right is the
president for "Scouting for All". Imagine that.

Kicking it up at the end of our relay.

And the fight for equality will continue until "they" get it and we have it.


Windy Days said...

OK. What's the leather deal? Wasn't it hot as hell? Is that person on hydration protest? My goodness!

Dragon said...

AWESOME!! LOL loving the HRC sign!

Jude said...

Windy..who cares?

Although, I was waiting for her to pass out so I could give her...and take.....oh fuck, never mind.

Leather, bikes, women...that's just a bad combo for me.

shane rocket said...

sweet! you in the middle of it- great for us to share it with you1

Dawg said...

Damn, leather in the summer! Shew!!

Great pictures :)

Jude plan to come up for Pride next year ... you won't be disappointed.

SOLO said...

Glad you didn't give up. Fight the fight, J., cuz we here in Texas, are fighting along side y'all.

Jen said...

Great pics Jude. I always love them.

And leather biker dyke - omgsofuckinghot.