Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Rally Time!

May 30, 2009
Meet in the Middle March and Rally
for Equality
Fresno, California

150 people marched 14.5 miles from
Selma to Fresno

The numbers ranged from 3,000 to 5,000 people
in attendance to the 4 hour long rally held on the
lawn outside Fresno's city hall. This was a well
coordinated and peaceful event. A number of
people gave speeches in support of gay marriage.

Actor Eric McCormick from Will & Grace

Christine Chavez, the grand daughter
of Cesar Chavez gave us words of hope
and urged us to not give up our fight for equality.

Actress Charlize Theron was there for support (along
with her very hot personal assistant).
Lt. Dan Choi delivered a rousing speech.

So far, my all time favorite sign ;)

And of course, there was a lot of love in the crowd.

Proud to be Gay!

How many more signs are we going to have to make?


lesbo said...

Whoa. That was a long march!
I love your photos. Cannot get enough of them!
That pussy one IS awesome!

Propane Amy said...

Yea I love the Pussy sign. Can we get that in a shirt?? LOL Awesome pics Jude!!

small town dyke said...

I love the signs and the pics. I wish I was there.

shane rocket said...

last one hit me in the gut... powerful!!! good stuff woman.

Dawg said...

Love the pics Jude :)

CrackerLilo said...

I love the "Iowa" sign. I just loved seeing all of these, period. Thanks!

findingclaire said...

i enjoy your pictures. :)

Dragon said...

LMAO, yes I love that sign too!! Awesome would have loved to have been there.

aj said...

I really REALLY really REALLY like that last photograph and the line you used. Is there any chance you would send me the jpeg of that photo of the signs all laying in the grass?! I wanna play with it in photoshop.

teamo said...

This is really, truly amazing.
You have managed to capture the struggle and frustration and determination.

Can't wait for the 23rd.