Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Entering Real Lives of Friends

Ok everyone. Here’s the dirt, the scoop, the down and dirty of our time with Windy Days and Margo. Yes, it was a sweet time; it was a time of celebration between new friends. Hugs, drinks and great conversation abound but here’s what you really (esp. Dawg) want to read about…….

The hugs were fantastic. They both love to give the arms wrapped around the back, boob squishing, affectionate locking in and squeezing hugs. Oh yeah, they both passed my hug test. We should have done more.

Dawn loves to get fruit drunk, I mean really fckn.drunken.fruit. I didn’t need to drink any of her expertly prepared wonderfully delightful sangria. I could have gotten away with eating five pieces of the fruit to put me totally flat on my back. It’s a good think I only ate four.

These two are sex maniacs.

Becca looked totally fabulous walking around with a bottle of Red Stripe in her hand. I don’t know what held Dawn back from jumping her right then and there and having dessert that whole night.

I mean REALLY PEOPLE look at her....


Dawn had to be told countless of times to put her arms down as she was futzing with her hair. Can you say muscle definition? This girl has it all over….upper and lower arms, legs, butt (later on the last).

Becca wore a see through top on our night out to dinner. It was highlighted with a large silver charmed, black stranded necklace that she had just craftily created herself. I say craftily because she had expertly designed the necklace to force your eyes to drift to her left breast. I can’t remember what I had for dinner that night.

After having a wonderful lunch of oysters (get where I’m going here?), Dawn mysteriously ripped the back of her camo Capris offering a well exposed pair of butt chee, I mean dark underwear (how hot is ALL of that!?!). Then, when I asked her for a picture she quickly turned around and bent over right in front of me. I’m so glad I only slurped down one oyster for lunch.


ok, so really, none of us are perfect....a little disappointed in seeing the blue hankie in the right pocket...but hey, it's ok

Two sex maniacs that are totally in love with each other and they have absolutely no problems showing their love in public either. That was so endearing to me. I was walking behind them seeing their arms linked together and looking at each other. They created a wake of bliss that had strangers smiling after them. Ok, enough of that shit lets move on to another area, their family.

You all know they have four kids that range from the age of approximately three to under five feet tall. My normal names for kids are…crumb crushers, brats,’s an endless list. I’m not a kid person. I don’t like spoiled, whiney little people and I’m not sorry about it. But I have to say I was disappointed in the fact that none of my names were applicable to these four kids. I totally fckng fell in love with them all. They weren’t perfect (I had to coax Storm into saying “please” for me to king him in a game of checkers) but they are pleasantly mannered, fun to be with, entertaining (aye, still getting a kick out of William the Pirate) and love filled kids. Hmm, just like their Moms.

Four kids, two from each and I have a hard time remembering what two went with what Mom because there was an abundance of love for all by both Moms. These kids are Becca’s and Dawn’s priority. I’ve never seen a kid get greeted by a parent (as in walk up to the kid and hug him or her) whenever one came out of a room or into a room after a short absence. That fckng blew me away. So I had fun with the kids and so did my Wife. Playing board games, swimming in the ocean and for cripes sake it was little Faith and smaller Ray that showed me the proper way of sucking down an oyster. These kids are damn lucky to have two Moms.


If only Becca and Dawn could rear a world full of kids we probably would finally get to world peace. Since that’s not practical, then they need to write a book. How to raise brat-less kids. Ok, next……

I think I blushed when Becca kissed me. I was showing her the spot where Ray had given me a ketchup kiss and she just heard kiss and planted one on the same spot, something like that anyway, made me blush or was it the sangria?

Dawn and I had a wonderful argumental discussion on marriage. She’s still learning the Jude-way and I’m sure she’ll get it.

Becca has natural cleavage; Dawn gets hers with a little forceful help.

I can’t wait for the one wall to be filled with pictures, sorry I can’t disclose any more.

And that’s all I can say, the rest has to remain untold. Bottom line though, these two are amazing beautiful women and I fell more in love with them after meeting and being with them for the short time and my Wife did the same.

So thank you again, Becca and Dawn for allowing R and I to enter your real life lives. We had an absolutely fabulous time. Hugs, kisses and some drunken fruit.

"THE ANGELS SAY THEY HAVE NO WINGS" ... adore you too.


Margo said...

Yes, that sounds all about right - except that picture of me with Ray's puppy in my pocket was NOT FLATTERING - come on Photographer, you gotta have a better shot than that one.

I totally didn't realize we are sex maniacs - I mean "maniac", really? That sort of has a negative conotation. I did like the completely in love with each other part. I am madly in love with her.

When are you coming back?
Faith keeps asking for R.

Windy Days said...

This is awesome! But I can't believe you didn't tell them about us showering together. :)

Talk about a sex maniac . . .

reeflightning said...

sounds like you all had a blast. how fabulous to meet up with the blog buddies!

Solo Homo said...

No fair, Jude. You've ruined them for the rest of us!

I'm so glad your trip went well and that your Virtual became Reality.

This post was one of the most beautiful you've written. And you've written some great ones.

Exceptionally touching. Thanks for sharing.

Jude said...

Dawn...I will remove the picture if you want me to, but honestly I didnt even notice the puppy, I was teasing you about the hankie (code). And having the M word prefaced by the S word sends the whole message to the other side of the spectrum in L Life. It's all good.'s not because I forgot about us's well, here comes the blushing again. ;)

ReeL..yes, I totally agree it was great to have the opportunity to meet up with some fine friends I found in blogland. I hope I'll be able to add onto that list too.

Solo...a double blush...thank you. These two have a lot to give for all of us and we're all unique in our own ways. Nope, I don't think anything has gotten ruined, hopefully it will encourage our Refocksa group to come together, somewhere, sometime all wearing our Refocksa thongs!

lesbo said...

I love this post!
sounds truly delicious and exciting and amazing.

and I can't wait to see you in your refocksa thong, Jude.

Margo said...

Well, when you put it like that then I LOVE THE PICTURE - I was just saying there must be a more flattering view of me.

Hey, I forgot to point out that it cannot be true that you don't like kids. I think you just tell people that to sound cool.
You love kids. And guess what - they love you. Both of you.

shane rocket said...

L.O.V.E. T.H.I.S. P.O.S.T.

i can't wait for us all to meet. love ya jude....

Dawg said...

Jude you rock!! :)

Thanks for the ever so juicy details .. you didn't disappoint those of us with above average curious minds.

Dragon said...

That sounds awesome!! Yeah it is hard to find kids that aren't bratty anymore. Most parents don't care. They seem like amazing people to meet!! :-)

Jen said...

Jude you rock. This is a freakin awesome post! Sounds like a great time. Awww I wish I got to hang out with ya'll : )