Monday, July 20, 2009

San Diego Pride - MOTO Women

This weekend were the big San Diego Pride events. The parade on Saturday morning and then the festival for the rest of the day and again on Sunday.

Here is my first attempt at an iMovie. I've probably done something wrong so watch it while you can. The full movie is a little over 12 minutes long so I'm cutting it up to the right size for Blogger.

In this installment you see some pre-parade activities as well as the very beginning of the parade. In San Diego we have the WOMENMOTO since Dykes on Bikes is exclusively for the San Francisco area. What ever, these gals are hot Dykes and they're riding hogs and motorcycles.

The Wife said she wants to ride like "they do" in a parade, so I think she's getting very close to agreeing for me to have a bike. The only thing is she told me she doesn't want to ride on the freeways so I'll have to figure out a way to get around and about San Diego via the side roads. I'll kick in that can do attitude for sure.....LOL!

Following the WOMENMOTO are the SD Police Dept, Deputies and Firefighters. I tried to capture the partners holding hands and the the Firefighter Chief, lots of bars on her sleeve, is an out lesbian.

And that's about all I saw of the parade because HP was in it again and close to the front. The next video, well really picture show, you'll be in the parade with me looking out.


shane rocket said...

its about damn time you kicked it into gear- imovie.!!

great first! really great and it will only get better.!!!

i am pooped and will watch it again tomorrow with fresh eyes!!! :)

lesbo said...

lovely video, jude!
great shots, of course.

Solo Homo said...

DDUUUUUUUDDDE! Bravisimo!! Excellent job, my Friend. THANK YOU for allll the vid' of the bikes! I sat here in a complete puddle of drool.

C said...

wow. i had tears.... who sings the music in the background?


Jude said...

Hey Rocket....i've been a busy woman! More to come for sure and maybe someday a real video.

Thanks Lesbo and Solo. Yeah, these ladies give me something else for sure!

Tears C? awwwww. It's Concrete Blonde and the song is side of the road. Here's a tissue. ;)

Dragon said...

Moto women, love it!! I will have my glory one day riding on one. :-D

findingclaire said...

I love it! I want to see more!!

Sandy said...

Those are some mean looking bikes those women are riding.I miss riding my 750 Honda tryke.Good job with your video.

vixen kitten said...

Great video! Can't wait to see more.


Dawg said...

Oooohhhh look at all the sexiness you left on your blog while I was gone ... yummo!

Keep chippin' away at the wyfe about the motorcycle :)

shane rocket said...

just watched this again- and still is frickin cool!!!