Thursday, August 20, 2009

Opening Soon!


We're shooting for having the store up and running sometime next month. To start, there will be a limited amount of items to choose from having the four designs that Rocket has already designed. (refocksa logo, dyke, butch and ummm the other one pinkies). Rocket has had to modify the designs a little to make them printable on the various items. It also takes time to set up the account, the store, the templates for each item but it's all being worked on.

Anyone having ideas for new designs should give a shout out to Windy Days, Rocket or me and we'll review each idea for acceptability.

So stay tuned for the grand opening and then Bitches, you better go shopping!


lesbo said...

best. news. ever.
thank you all for all of your amazing effort and time that you've put into this!

word verification thingy: buttfuste

kimber p said...

well how cool is that?! there needs to be a tag attached to the merchandise that explains how the name "refocksa" came into being..that's so cool, I can't wait!

Jen said...

Yay! I hope these clothes are economically affordable so I can rock the shit out of them!

Thanks for the effort to all of you. Much appreciated. xo

Jen said...

Oh, I would also like to make sure I'm pronouncing "Refocksa" correctly. It seems easy enough, but wouldn't I feel stupid if I did a little video or something, then said the name, but then said it wrong?

Who wants to sound it out for me?

Windy Days said...

Awesome, Jude! Thanks for letting everyone know! I can't wait!

Jen - Ru - Fox - Uh

Solo Homo said...

YEAH! Jude, you and Rocket and Windy and alllll the Gals totally rock.

Make sure everyone knows to wear a logo when Oprah invites us to be on the show!

Thanks for all your efforts. I'm sitting here with card in hand waiting for the "go".

Real Live Lesbian said...


small town dyke said...

you guys Rock! cant wait to spend some money!!!!
Thanks for all the hard work.

Propane Amy said...

I dont have much money, but you know I'm dishing out for this shit. Hell yea!!

How did I get so lucky as to know such awesome fucking people? Yeah, I'm ape shit crazy about all of you.

CJ said...

That's so cool! Who needs Macy's when you can wear this cool stuff!

Ang said...

Wow I am excited. Great news indeed.

Camlin said...

That is so awesome! I can't wait!

vixen kitten said...

*happy dance*


kimber p said...

Ree-Fox-Uh or Reh-Fox-Uh

that's how I say it in Uh-hi-uh.


lesbo said...

windy--there's no 'u' in it LOL rufoxuh?
maybe it's just a territorial thing... we all know jen and jude say wooder. or whatever the fuck it is.


Dawg said...


Ru, Re .. fuck that .. focus on the O part. *grins*

How about .. Refocksa Bitches for a design??