Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Saying it again, and again, and again

Growing up I remember my Great Grand Mother living with my Grand Mother and then later on the same Grand Mother lived with us for a few years.

Being the youngest and having two brothers I knew eventually I would become the caretaker of my parents. That started 10 years ago when my Mom passed away and my Dad moved in with the Wife and I.

Today my Dad at 89 is still active and healthy to some degree. He just can’t hear for shit.

A conversation I had with him a couple of days ago about the earth quakes in Baja, California....

Me: Dad, did you hear about the earth quakes in Baja?

Dad: Where?

Me: BAJA one was 5.9

Dad: 5.4

Me: NO 5.9

Dad: oh 5.5

ME: NO 5.9, 5.9

Dad: 9

Me: oh fuck

Dad: oh 5.9

I love my Dad. Growing up I was always his little shadow and he patiently answered my endless stream of questions.

He has one hearing aide, only one because he’s completely lost his hearing in his other ear, but he never wears it.

I miss talking to him.


tommy said...

It takes a special person to help out another...the caretaker gene isn't found in all of us. My Grandma is ten years younger than your dad and I miss talking to her as well...she can hear, but she doesn't listen...

You are a wonderful person and I'm sure your dad appreciates you and the wife looking after him... YOU'RE AN ANGEL ;)

Jude said...

Thanks Tommy. I'm no angel though.

My Dad spoiled me to no end growing up, it's my turn to spoil him.


lesbo said...

I want to meet this cute man!
my grandpa can't hear well anymore. you can always tell when he's just nodding in agreement lol

Dragon said...

That is sweet you are taking care of him and that alone obviously takes patience. Props to you.

small town dyke said...

Good for you, I agree with tommy it takes a special person to be able to care for a loved one. I'm sure he appreciates it more than you will ever know

Windy Days said...

I'm having one of those days in which I cry at everything and nothing. You got me going again. I miss you -

Jen said...

I love that you are taking care of your dad. I just love you judey.

kimber p said...

I can't imagine having to take my mom in to live with us, as awful as that sounds..I admire your devotion to your dad and I wish I had that type of loving relationship with my parent. and that conversation with him? had me laughing, I go thru that on a daily basis with a 46 yr

Sandy said...

Jude,you are special daughter and giving to your Dad so he can have a better quality of life.You learned to have patience from him and you are returning it to him.This is very special and a true act of love.Bless you both.

lesbo said...

loving your new pic, birthday girl!

shane rocket said...

cool photo of u.

and it will not get easier with him but know we are here. you have my number if you need to vent or cry to someone.... love you lots

CrackerLilo said...

He seems worth the effort anyway. That's a blessing all by itself!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Sounds like the same conversations me and my dad had BEFORE his new hearing aids! You're such a great daughter to love him and care for him like that. Sweet, sweet sweet!

P.S. I LOVE THE NEW PIC OF YOU!! Great technique!