Monday, August 3, 2009

Tacos, Ribs, Lobster or Boobs

It's decision time.

I have four free meal coupons from Acapulco (fav Mexican restaurant), Chillies, the buffet at the Casino and Hooters. More than likely I'll use most or all of them during the month but which one will I use on my birthday?

Ah! Hooters of course, cuase I heart wings (yeah right).

Morning conversation with the Wife:

Me: "so tonight is the official start of my birthday celebration, right?" (fyi-today is NOT my BD)

Wife: looks at me, pauses then says "yes, of course"

Me: smiling "and how long do I have to celebrate?"

Wife: still looking at me but doesn't say anything

Me: "I guess I need to say when it ends, right?"

Wife: laughs nervously, pauses then talks about the weather.

I heart August.


Jen said...

Yayyyyyy for birthday celebrations!!!!!!!!!!

SquirtyB said...

So when is your birthday exactly???

This broke girl wants to know how one might obtain coupons for free meals!

Dragon said...

LOL nice, great way to celebrate!

Jude said...

Hey Squirty, I've signed up for their email notices on a club I will ask you for certain info and birth day is one of them. I usually delete the emails except the one. ;)

shane rocket said...

What your like 65?

No really, happy birthday!!! Celebrate all month!!!

Jude said...

Hey're way off. LMAO

tommy said...

Nice. I need to take lessons from you...I thought I was living on the edge by celebrating my birthday for a whole weekend...You're planning a whole month...JEEZZZZZ....Teach me. Ha ha

lesbo said...

week long birthdays are one of my fav things!
when's your special day?

vixen kitten said...

I have an August birthday. Does that mean I get a month long celebration too?


Windy Days said...

I bet that you will use the boobs one on your birthday, but I would totally go for the tacos! What's a birthday without a band of Mexicans putting a sombrero on you and shouting the lyrics to a song that you've never heard? And Margaritas . . . How I LOVE Margaritas!

Jude said...

Windy....i did that last year and Pedro and crew put the hat on me and sang to me while R just hummed along. This year I'll be humming while R slams my baseball hat down over my eyes.

small town dyke said...

I agree enjoy the boobs I mean wings for your birthday! Have a great b/day month!

Ang said...

Birthday celebrations are wonderful about as good as hooters in my book

LilliGirl said...

Happy Birthday!!