Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Tag I'm It

So I was tagged by the lovely Ang at Grace Needs Freedom. The deal is to answer these 10 questions then pass it on.

1. Who is the hottest Movie Star? Katharine Hepburn and Angelina Jolie.

2. Apart from your house and car, what is the most expensive item you have ever bought? A camera.

3. What is your most treasured memory? Probably tagging a long with my Dad when I was a kid. I'd get the dreaded dusting done quickly so I could spend the rest of Saturday morning doing the cool stuff with my Dad.

4. What was the best gift you ever received as a child? My first bike and the freedom that came with it.

5. What is the biggest mistake you have ever made? It's a mistake that I'll never do again.

6. 4 words to describe yourself? funny, quiet, smart and loving

7. What was your highlight or low light of 2008? My highlight was being able to marry R. We are two of the 18,000 people that were married in California before, well you all know.

8. Favorite Film? This always changes but right now it's Across the Universe.

9. Tell me one thing I don’t know about you. I started to get grey hair at 13.

10. If you were a comic book/strip or cartoon character, who would you be? Superman. I would love to be able to fly.

I'm not formally going to pass or tag 4 other people. I've seen this on a number of blogs already. Instead, I invite you to pick up the questions yourself and throw it on your blog if you haven't already. No pressure.


lesbo said...

love the bike one.
i lived on my bike as a kid.

and i'm glad you still get to do cool stuff with your dad. like eat olives and tell him 14 times that DINNER IS READY!!!!

greg said...

I have yet to see Across the Universe but I'm looking forward to it. I heard it's great.

vixen kitten said...

Love your answers, especially 4 & 7.

13...really? Dang.

Hope your day has been beautiful, Sugar.


Real Live Lesbian said...

Great answers!

No wonder you have such great photos! ;)