Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Collect This

What do you collect?

What's on your walls, counters, shelves that you have more than one of? What is it that gets you excited when you're out and about and you spy it then have to buy since it would make a perfect addition to your collection?

Tells us here then later if you want, add pictures of the "its" onto your own blog. Dust bunnies don't count


Propane Amy said...

I used to collect dragons. Mostly the pewter ones. But that got to be expensive. I have not bought any in such a long time but I still get uber excited whenever I see them.

Camlin said...

I collect pottery mugs, and other pottery too - usually made by local artists. Every time I go to a thrift store, I go to the housewares section first - some people have no idea what they're giving away!

vixen kitten said...

I don't really collect anything.

Well, shoes...but that is more of an addiction, really. *snort*


PS....I'm over 250 pairs now, and I've culled the herd a few times. :)

small town dyke said...

do camera's and camera gear count?? I also like penguins!

Mel's Way or No Way said...


I have so many. A gets pissed when she opens the hallway closet and they start falling out. Then she gets a rubbermaid container, packs then up and puts them in storage. I sneak out there and bring some back in. It's a vicious cycle.
When we are out shopping I always have to check out the purses. I actually found a online site where you can rent designer purses...awwww it was orgasmic looking at all those purses!!!

Ang said...

I collect love from my friends. okay okay I collect snoopy things. I have blogged about some of those things in the past.

two cat scene said...

ohhh I am SUCH a loser. I hate clothes, hate shoes, (sorry vixen) but I loooove paper things.. like cool journals and boxed sets of cards, post-it notes.... uh huh. There is a major L on my forehead.

Dawg said...

Hottie - Snoopy, US Flags, Shoes

Dawg - Pens, Sports Hats, Jewelry

kimber p said...

I used to collect a lot of things, I've pared it down to just a few of my favorite things,
*Pez dispensers (just scored a box set of Wizard of Oz Pez!!)
*Creamer and Sugar sets (not so much anymore but I can't part with the ones I have in my kitchen, have no clue why I like them so much..)
*Bookmarks (LOVE bookmarks!)
*Crystal prisms (they're hanging in my sunny windows)
One of my most treasured collections was my massive collection of Princess Diana memoribilia from 1981 till after she died...I was seriously obsessed with her. The day it was announced that she was killed in Paris, I called off work and was inconsolable...it was such a horrible week. I still have a lot of my collection left, but some of it I sold off to help pay for the move to our house...I still regret it.

lesbo said...

eh, i'm not much of a collector. but i love old jars/bottles. you know that blue-ish, mason jar colored glass? swoon.
i can't go to goodwill/any thrift store without browsing the jar section.

your turn, jude!

aneke said...

BOOKS! I am obsessed. I actually have to work it into my monthly budget... and I can barely close the cupboard doors in my study anymore. I think they're breeding in there.

Margo said...

children and animals

2momswithaplan said...

We collect old cameras... We have 7 antique cameras in our collection as of now.

shane rocket said...

i collect artwork from friends-
well and lots of my shit since it is too progressive for this shithole called the midwest.

i am a collector of fortunes from chinese food, kept in a jar.

i am a collector of things found that are rusty. used for artwork. -also for artwork, slides, postcards, old papers.

i am a collector of rocks(&sticks), yes rocks. we have rocks from the various places we have traveled. write the place date on them... cheap souvenirs.

and more that i am forgetting...

FemmeFairyGodmother said...

Giraffes. I have a few really cool ones. Some silly ones that children have given me. Some great photos of them.

Also, "how to be a housewife" books from pre-1960. Love those. I saw a first edition 1800-something "Mrs. Beaton's Guide to Household Management" and really, really considered paying the $800 to buy it. The Ex, however, would not have been amused.

@Aneke - I have six tons of books. I have at least 80 that I haven't read yet! I really have to stop buying them til I read the ones I have!

SquirtyB said...

I like collecting old stuff that I can use as decoration around my house. Particularly stuff that means something to me, such as old pictures, an old trunk from my grandfather, old plates, utensils, ceramics, vases, cameras.

Cheap items from traveling. Rocks, shells, driftwood, post cards, affordable local art.

anything with a great story. anything with horses on it or relating to horses.

I promise my house does not look like an antique shop or a dump.

Dragon said...

UMMM I think mine is obvious....dragons