Sunday, October 11, 2009


It's a great speech. He covers all the important LGBT issues. A lot of words were said in 24 minutes. If you have the time, listen to it if you haven't already.


President Obama, you know the right things to say but have you ever heard that actions speak louder than words?

- Hate Crime Bill - Matthew Shepard Act - 14% of the hate crimes done are against the LGBT community.*

- DADT - Don't Ask, Don't Tell for our LGBT military yet since its introduction in 1993, over 13,000 troops have been discharged through 2008.*

- ENDA - Employee Non-Discrimination Act - there are states in the US that can still fire someone because they are gay!

- DOMA - Defense of Marriage Act - A law which allows States to violate the fundamental right to marriage under due process clause. This law illegally discriminates and violates the Equal Protection Clause. Some States have allowed for marriage equality and others are trying to get to that point but are being blocked by the right wing religious bigots. We are asking for equal rights from the State and Federal government.

Almost a year in office and none of these important issues have been passed.

Can we stop discrimination sometime soon?

* from Wilipedia


Laura Lee said...

indeed, Jude. It seems so easy for them, just a flick of a pen and it's "Law" - it just doesn't seem right.

Margo said...

What would we do without a civil rights dispute? Wow, wouldn't that be a safe feeling?
She could be "My wife, my life" instead of my "domestic partner" no wait, we live in Fl so it's my "roommate."
One year is nothing compared to how long we've waited. Don't give up on him yet.

jelly said...

I watched the speech this morning on CNN online.
It was very inspiring and full of hope.
I understand that these things take time and in the GLBT community we want to see ACTION and not just WORDS.
But, for all the Presidents we've had in the past, none have really had the courage to speak so freely as Obama has.
In many ways, we've made many strides and in many ways we still have so far to go.
It is an uphill battle and probably remain so, for quite some time.
Are baby steps better than no steps at all?
I just don't know.
All I can do is remain hopeful.

Let's not give up. :-)

CJ said...

Time, time, time. I'm so sick of time. Just do it already.