Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love Mail

Lately, I haven't been having the best of days.
Today I went my way for a little while, the Wife went her way.
After a couple of hours I turned on my phone.
I saw that there was one voice mail.

She said she would be home in a little while and that she loved me.
She said that second part at least four times.
Message saved.

Now I can't wait to have our arms around each other.
How did I get so lucky?


Mel's Way or No Way said...

Very sweet. Isn't it great how she knew what you needed even when you are not together. I hope you feel better and give the wife a BIG hug.

Camlin said...

so sweet!

Margo said...

How did Windy put...."love that stands the test of time."
I guess it's because you know each other AND need each other.
You are pretty lucky.

lesbo said...

love you both.

Ang said...

Aww how awesome is that. Very sweet post. I am glad you both have each other. I hope your days get better.

C said...

awww thats so sweet... and i think its healthy and good to have alone time, it helps you have perspective and appreciate what you have. yep and the wife knew what you needed even from a distance. i bet you would have known what she needed if it were the other way around, too. god bless you both. i am glad you have eachother and i hope things get better for you ASAP.


Laura Lee said...

It is such joy to see this much love exists in the world. Sometimes it just seems so elusive.

Margo is right. As per usual.

jelly said...

some of us just deserve pure utter happiness.
and you must be one of them. :-)

CJ said...

Isn't love grand?

tommy said...

Very cool Jude, very cool.