Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Strange Email

Subject of the email I received this morning - Someone's wife needs your attention.
Oh really? Reading on it said -

We wanted to let you know as soon as possible that someone's wife needs your attention...and they would like it as soon as possible! Press here to give someone's wife your attention:

Would you be interested in meeting an attractive married women for an intimate encounter with NO STRINGS ATTACHED?This is going to sound crazy, but there is a dating site loaded with thousands of married women right in your city that are looking to meet and date new people this week.

PRESS HERE to meet Married women this week: (MUST BE 18 and OLDER)

It was a site for the "Lonely Wives Dating Network".

These married women are not interested in playing games. They know what they want, and they will be very upfront with you. You have nothing to lose, and the time of your life to gain! Press Here

What would you do?

Me? Been there, done that all without a network but dang, why didn't I think of this idea?


Ang said...

lmao what's that site? Jk that is the last thing I need but that is hilarious.

lesbo said...

dude, you srsly receive the best emails!
what kind of shit are you signing up for to get some of the spam you do?

CJ said...

Sex? Without commitment or strings? With married women?

Ha ha, I was on the OTHER side of this equation once upon a time....hey, a girls got needs!

Dawg said...

Yea Jude! You should have thought of the Internet based no strings database!!

So, did you sign us up?? :)

Dragon said...

LOL nice, there you go Jude......

Mel's Way or No Way said...

So did you "Press here"?

Laura Lee said...

what a comment on what's available by email these days!! In the seventies they just used to stand around and ask people... =P