Monday, November 2, 2009

Listen Up Zig

Let me tell you something about your other Mother, she doesn't like you going into her purse.

The idea you had last night of taking her prescription sunglasses out of her purse was a bad one. I know you were only trying to clean them for her and having to chew through the case to get to the glasses was the only way. Understanding your little nose didn't know how to open the glasses up so you could clean the other side of the lens didn't mean that you had to bend the arms all which ways. Even I was afraid to look at the damage you did.

So you know you are on the Wife's shit list and yes, you belong in the dog house. Your cuteness will only carry you so far, I know that one myself. Hang in there little buddy, she'll get over it soon. I'll do my best to help but promise me one thing, you won't fuck with my stuff O.K.?


aneke said...

My two have been taking turns at chewing my dining room chair legs. Not the manky old chairs I'm going to replace, but my two brand new expenive 'heads of the table' chairs.
How old is Zig? I'm hoping mine will still grow out of it. Pls God.

LilliGirl said...

Oooooh, bad doggie better suck up. :)

small town dyke said...

Our weim ate my glasses, well he eat the ear pieces off of my glasses and mangled them all up. when i took them in to be fixed they told me this was a common thing. I don't get it but hope ziggy is out of the dog house soon.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Ohhh, bad Ziggy. Our dogs did that to my honey's glasses one time. I really thought I would come home and find their little black/white hides tacked to the side of the garage.

Hang in there Ziggy-the anger will pass.

Ang said...

LMAO...Oh no Ziggy is in trouble for sure.

vixen kitten said...

Awwww, Ziggy. If you need a place to hang out until this blows over, Honey would love the company.

You're welcome anytime.


shane rocket said...

ahhh, little zigs. not smart little buddy.!

BUT where was the purse sitting may i ask?

lesbo said...

may the force be with you, ziggy.
i would not want to be on R's bad side. shiiit.

Haizey said...

LOL, I could completely picture this happening moment by moment, great writing Jude.

Dawg said...


jelly said...

Aw, poor doggie in the dog house.
But I understand the frustration, our dog, Virgo ate my persciption glasses a few weeks back and thankfully I had a warranty on them so I could get new ones.

They chew and eat weird stuff.