Wednesday, November 4, 2009

What Would Harvey Do?

Well, Maine has NOT been added to the list of states where gays and lesbians are treated equally. The voters in Maine voted against the law that their Legislature passed and their governor signed. The law allowing marriage equality never had any effect in Maine. The Anti-Gays made sure of that yesterday.
We're still waiting for the final count on Washington state decision on domestic partnership. This isn't even about marriage yet the rights of a minority is being voted on. Right now we have a slight edge over the Anti-Gays but the counting is still going on and it could go either way, keep your fingers crossed.
New Jersey had hopes for getting marriage equality but that has be sent back a decade because of the election of an Anti-Gay governor.
Yeah for the city of Houston for electing a lesbian mayor and for Kalamazoo for passing a non-discrimination ordinance. We'll take these steps forward.

Four states now have marriage equality. Massachusetts in 2004, followed by Vermont, Connecticut and Iowa. And beginning in January 2010, New Hampshire will be added to the list. And the 18,000 gays and lesbians that were married in the few months that California had some good sense until the passage of Prop 8, are still considered married. My Wife and I are proud members of that privileged group.
The latest fucktard movement in California is keeping your child home on Harvey Milk Day. The Governor signed the Harvey Milk Day bill into law and the Anti-Gays are freaking out about it. Yes, lets make our LGBT students comfortable in their classrooms.

So should we feel hurt, or more unequal, or more dehumanized, more hated or think less of ourselves because of some of yesterdays voting outcomes showed a little over 50% of the voting people are afraid of us? Afraid of our "" agenda? Or our radical ways? NO, we shouldn't because we know better. We will keep on fighting in our peaceful and loving ways because we will eventually win this battle.

The Olson/Boies Prop 8 case is going to the U.S. Supreme Court and is currently schedule to begin on January 11th. The Anti-Gay group, Protect Marriage is working on pushing the trial out through their appeals of the judge's order to turn over their internal documents from the Yes On 8 campaign. Not only are the Anti-Gays dragging their feet to get the trial started but it appears they also have something to hide.

Marriage Equality in the U.S. is going to happen and until it does I want ANY Anti-Gay couple who are deciding on getting married to first get permission to do so from a Gay or Lesbian. I mean, it's only fair, right?


jelly said...

I just posted on my blog about the defeat of Corzine, by this anti-marriage equality poophead that will be coming into office.
It is so frustrating.
I don't know where to begin, what to say or what to do anymore.

At least, we have our civil union and I'm hoping that doesn't get taken away!!

Laura Lee said...

I second your motion, Jude. Yes, let all het marriages be sanctioned only by the LGBT personnel. Try that on, bitches!
Whoa, I've been reading Dawg too long...

Dawg said...

Laura - lmao! yes, yes you have

Jude said...

Jelly...cross your fingers, I read that they're trying to get the marriage bill passed and signed before Corzine leaves the office.

Never give up.

Ang said...

Awesome post...I am on board for all het. marriages being sanctioned but LGBT personnel.
We will eventually win this battle.

Real Live Lesbian said...

We shall overcome.

vixen kitten said...

Very, very sad news.

My plan was to get all General Sherman like and burn and pillage the entire state.

I see your looking for a more peaceful solution though!

Great post, Sugar.


PS....Yes, I still hold a grudge against that fucktard, Sherman. That doesn't mean we cant employ his tactics to get our way.

Just sayin... :)

C said...

hey jude, thanks for your comment, i guess many of us were on the same page about this crap... good post and yes we shall overcome!



your doggy is SO cute.

C said...

oh. and another thing, WTF is this parents keeping their kids home on harvey milk's day? ohmygod. sure, teach your kids to hate at a young age so they can grow up to be fucktards like the parents. ridiculous!


shane rocket said...

i remember in my tiny little shitty midwestern town growing up an incident. i was at the local movie theater a young teenager, movies were the only thing to do in this town. the gathering spot for everyone.

movies were just starting and ending so there were close to a hundred people in the huge lobby. in walks in a black man holding hands with a white woman!>!>!>! this was NEVER seen. literally everyone in the theater stopped talking and stared at this couple walking to their movie. you could hear a pin drop, then hushed murmurs followed. i watched this with innocence- the two "sides".

I asked my bigger sister what was going on, why was everyone making such a big deal about them? she said cause they were black and white. i heard a couple talking next to us saying it was gross and their kids would turn retarded, the other couple they were with giggled?.? in my young mind i didn't believe that their kids would be any different. and what was so bad about "retarded"? my cousin Tara was and she was awesome in my young mind!

this shaped the way i feel about judgment in a BIG WAY. and thinking back on it- the courage of those two people to walk hand in hand through the severe shock and hate of an entire room full of staring quiet people was the one of the most powerful things i have ever witnessed. this incident gives me hope that we "queers&fags" will get our day. i will be able to be legally binded to G. i am 33, i will see the hatred melt further.

Jen said...

This is so frustrating. And exhausting. Great post Jude. I love this line "ANY Anti-Gay couple who are deciding on getting married to first get permission to do so from a Gay or Lesbian. I mean, it's only fair, right?" I'm totally facebooking that.

Margo said...

my wall is looking bare.

CJ said...

I want to be the gay they have to get permission from!! PUH-LEEESE?!?!?

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Thanks for the great post Jude. I got up yesterday and saw the news and could not help but feel a bit sad and defeated. I'm better today:)