Tuesday, December 8, 2009

A Happy Camper

After my surgery and with the Wife going back to work last week we decided to have our little problem child, Ziggy go to doggie day camp every day. The other two, Harley and Tuna Hole would spend most of the day doing what I was going to do, sleep so neither one of them would be an issue for me.

Ziggy had been to camp a few times and had even stayed over at the Hotel so the young ladies managing the day camp know and love him. When the Wife dropped him off each day his little stub of a tail would go into a blur as he wagged it faster every time one of the girls would call out his name. He's such a ladies man, taught to him by his papa-mom :). He was ready for a full day of playing and tormenting his fellow campers.

At pick up time the Wife would stand off to the side and peek into the large playroom to see what Ziggy was up too. Most of the time he was the only one still standing and tossing a toy into the air as the other play mates sat out on the side lines. As soon as Ziggy saw the Wife he would get all excited and do his modified kangaroo hop (up&down with no forward motion).

We would always look forward to a very peaceful night since he would barely keep his little eyes opened. Yes, last week was a very peaceful week.

Some of the comments from his report cards:
Ziggy.....made lots of friends.
made sure everybody played with him.
he loved his treat time.
he's a non-stop player.
he kept all the small dogs going.
he's one happy camper!


lesbo said...

I love that they get report cards. so damn cute.
can you video that modified kangaroo jumping sometime?

shane rocket said...

glad he has gotten better than a few months ago! i.heart.ziggy

Dragon said...

He is such a cutie!

vixen kitten said...

I can't even find the words for how freaking cute that face is!

Love the report cards! He had some great comments.


PS.... Honey was kinda sweet on the labrawieler from Canada, but she took one look at Ziggy and is smitten. :)

Ang said...

I wanna see the Kangaroo jump too. he is so cute

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Hehehehe-love the report cards. Oh, what a face!! Who can stay mad at a face like that.

The last group event we attended with the dogs, some dog made my Timmy his bitch. He just sends out that vibe. Poor guy.

tommy said...

a happy camper indeed...hell after reading this...I WANT TO GO TO DOGGY DAY CAMP...

LilliGirl said...

what a cute, cute boy...must be getting by on his looks. ;)

I wish I could send my crew to daycare too! They might be expelled though. lol

tanya said...

the Kangaroo jump sounds like great fun! Ziggy is a real cutie!

C said...

he is just beautiful.... what breed dog is he?
my surgery is thursday at noon.
i'll be fine.

talk to ya soon..


aneke said...

Oh I WISH we had things like Doggy Day Camp! That would be perfect for my two!

Loving the report card :)

Sandy said...

Ziggy is so precious.I know that he has a lot of energy and makes all the dogs a happy camper too.Going to doggie day camp is way cool.

jelly said...

my dog virgo does the kangaroo jump...it's so funny and strange.

glad your dog is a happy camper.