Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Same Time Next Year

For the past 15 years around this time there is one call that always crosses my mind.

It was early Christmas morning, daylight was just beginning to show it's face when the tones went off for a car accident. Two vehicles, unknown number of patients.

Two women, friends, were together in the ones car. They were probably laughing, talking and doing what friends do when they get together. Who knows where they were headed off so early in the morning but one thing was certain with the back seat filled with presents, the where ever was going to be a good time.

They were just approaching the hilltop when another car appeared speeding on the crest and on their side of the undivided roadway. I imagine it was quick, the head on and I hope the women did not suffer for long. The two women died that day in their car while the drunk who was driving the other car staggered around the scene with barely a scratch.

Every year I think about this call. I think about the women. I think about the families they left behind and wonder if their Christmases have ever been the same.

Please, if you drink during the Holiday Season don't drive. And if you're out driving, stay alert and watch out for the other guy.

Be safe.


C.I.W. said...

Isn't it amazing when things like that stick with you-- how can they not?

I have friends who just recently purchased a --um-- I am blanking-- a thing you blow in and it tells you your blood alcohol level. They instist that everyone knows how much is too much-- and how little it takes to get there.

Thank you for passing along this very moving situation. I am sorry it had to happen to these ladies.. and I hope that by you sharing this- it will open up someone's eyes.

2momswithaplan said...

Two innocent lives taken... just.like.that. I wonder if the man who hit them lives with the guilt of their death.

Thank you for this little reminder to stay safe during the holiday season. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

jelly said...

how sad for the families left behind in such a mindless tragedy.

think before you drink.


Camlin said...

Thanks for the reminder.

I'll be traveling, but not drinking, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

aj said...

Good words Jude. Thanks for reminding us all to take a little more care during the holidays.