Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Diamond Commute

I've given Mrs. Jude practically everything she has ever asked for with the exception of the Mercedes. I can't help it, I love her and for craps sake she does puts up with me. Being the femme that she is, she loves jewelry the problem with this is jewelry doesn't have a lasting connection with her.

The first ring, a tri-color gold flower with a diamond in the center. The pedals fell off.

Gold solid chain necklace, ended up with knots.

Tri-color gold bracelet, fell off her wrist and went right through a crack on the boardwalk in Jersey.

These were not crackerjack items either.

The best was the diamond tennis bracelet. When she got into work one morning she noticed her bracelet wasn't on her wrist. She immediately went into a panic. She went outside to check inside the Blazer. It wasn't there. In her mind she retraced her morning steps and remembered she had to open up the tail gate at the end of our driveway to take the garbage bag out. She looked at the back of the Blazer and there was her bracelet, on the fucking bumper slightly embedded in the snow/ice. She had driven over 60 miles on Rt80, going over 60MHP and the tennis bracelet miraculously hung on. She still has that bracelet today (I think) but it needs some repair work done to it.

So this weekend while we were walking around the mall we stopped at our favorite jewelry store. I told her to pick out a ring (engagement to go with her wedding ring). She looked and tried on a few. I asked her which one she liked. She kept on saying she didn't know. After about 15 minutes of this I could tell we weren't getting anywhere so I gave the salesperson a thank you and we left.

Back to walking the mall...

Me: I thought you wanted an engagement ring for our anniversary this year.

Mrs. J: I'm afraid.

Me: Afraid? of what?

Mrs.J: That something is going to happen to it.

Me: *sigh* Is there something else you'd rather have or do for our anniversary?

Mrs.J: *thinking for a few minutes*..... Yes, lets go to Palm Springs again.

Me: *smiling*


greg said...

I went into an immediate panic just imagining what it would have felt like to lose that bracelet. Oh wow am I happy that beauty hung on to the car. whew.

CJ said...

Hey, a ring gives us ONE post with pictures....an trip to Palm Springs??? Many! Good choice, Mrs. Jude! VERY good choice!!

Mina said...

I found your blog through Twomomswithaplan, and wanted to say hi. Anyway, this post could be written about me! My butch has given me quite a few pieces of jewelry because I love it so much, but the way I've lost a few pieces have been in the weirdest ways! Now I check the jewelry that I'm wearing all day long, I'm so nervous! :) Anyway, Palm Springs sounds awesome!

lesbo said...

oy. R and I really ARE soul sisters.
my mom stopped giving me jewelry as a teen because I lost or somehow broke it... oops.
and I DID lose my tennis bracelet. but it was from a boy so oh-well. ;)

I love her anniversary choice! when's the big day?

Dragon said...

Rock on to Mrs. Jude! Palm springs will be great for both! Pictures a must ofcourse.

vixen kitten said...

Have a great time and take LOTS of pics for us!


PS Soooo loving the new profile pic!

jelly said...

Have a great time in Palm Springs again!

small town dyke said...

you two inspire me, it's nice to know that love like that is still out there. have a great trip!!

Ang said...

Awww...I am with small you two inspire me as well. I hope you have fun on your trip take lots of pics...and be safe.

Monkey Outlaw said...

Oh yeah the best bright and shiny gift ever!

tanya said...

happy anniversary in palm springs! im all about that: i would much rather make a memory taking a trip or something, rather than receive jewelry, etc. i think its a much better way to spend money!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Holy shit, she is rough on jewelry!
Tell Mrs. Jude to not be afraid-she already married you and what can be more scary than that? :)
I think she should get the ring with insurance and a good maintenance plan plus the trip to Palm Springs. I say go for it all. You said it yourself, she does have to put up with you.

Camlin said...

I'm the same way with jewelry. Glad you found something that you both liked :)

Jude said...

Ok Mel, you're a smartass. Try not to slip off the banana boat, hey?


lyon de clarasvals said...

Have a great time in PS. It's almost Dinah time isn't it?

C said...

ohhhhh a memory is waaaaaaaaaay better than a ring if'n you ask me.

hope you take her and hope you go!