Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I've Been What??

.....outbid? Say it isn't so.

I try to stay away from ebay as much as possible. Every once in a while though I'm in the market for something and I'll check to see if any are available on the site. Normally I'll find the "item" but it's not in the right condition, or size or color so you would think I've been saved from the unnecessary anguish and stress from a bidding session right? So totally wrong because I tend to wander about.

I have a love/hate relationship with ebay. The problem/addiction is that I'm very competitive in nature. You know the saying "its not if you win or lose, it's how you play the game?" fuck that happy horse shit cause

It could be a bottle top with a picture of Betty Boop on it, if I get any sense of wanting it, my game is on and watch out bidders, I play ruthlessly. As the minutes tick down to the end of the auction I'm there with sweaty palms, breath held in tight against my chest and brain cells clambering a mile a minute to make sure my best strategy is in play. When I win, I calmly sit back with a smile on my face and gloat inwardly for the next few minutes. If I lose, I hang my head low and feel like I've just pitched the softball that got connected to the winning home run.

This place is not a good place for me to visit on a regular bases. Right now I'm in the middle of a session that should be/ by tonight. There are already some very sweet winnings on their way to me but this last one, it's going to kill me because I have to win. Damn it, I will win.

Mrs Jude? She doesn't have a clue so shh it. Yes, she sees the empty boxes, looks at my smiling face and shakes her head but then again she was always on the sidelines watching me pitch so more than likely, she knows.

btw, hp? stands for horny people ;)


Real Live Lesbian said...

How'd you know I was an hp?

I'm the EXACT SAME WAY about eBay. I think I love it too much. Have you been to Don't do it. ;) It's like Ebay goes to Vegas. I may need an intervention!

C.I.W. said...

I sell things on ebay and I tell you- it works both ways. I am surprised my reload button still works. I watch those things like a freakin hawk... howmanypeoplelooked NOW? what about now? NOW?? and NOW? any bids now? NOW ?? NOWNWOWNOWNOW???


Jude said...

ROTFLMAO....thanks CIW, I needed to know that since I've never sold anything on that site. bahahhaha

Girl Fires said...

Ahh, ebay. I have a love/hate with ebay also. I hate, she loves.
Good luck.
When I sell, I pray for you to bid. When I buy, I pray you crazies stay away.

Plans... What Plans!?! said...

Okay... So I'm pretty happy that I don't dabble in ebay because I'm pretty sure that the addition you just described is one that I could pick up if I come within 3 clicks of that site...

I'll plead the 5th for some other sites though... :-)

lesbo said...

what are you trying to win?
and is that picture of you?!

Dragon said...

Yes that site can be addicting, find something you really don't need but looks cool, oooh good price (thet is where it gets me) and go for it. I try to avoid that place.

shane rocket said...

totally understand. and i sit back and gloat when i win as well ...... lmao.

and i want to harm the people who outbid me.

LilliGirl said...

It's a lot like playing with fire. Have you been to I bought my whole brand new bed that way...I love Memoryfoam. lol

Monkey Outlaw said...

LOL. You so saved me just now. Jan 7 I bid on something and TOTALLY forgot about it and went and checked it and won! Glad I paid for it.

We are on the other side of the ebay game. Mrs. Monkey sells on there and I love watching the bids come in ... so bid on!

vixen kitten said...

I had never done ebay until I broke my foot a few years back. All of a sudden my life came to a screeching halt. I couldn't ride my horse, I couldn't run, I couldn't direct my pups around an agility course.

I discovered ebay and shopped like there was no tomorrow. I sit with a stop watch and put my bid in in the last 15-20 seconds. I've only been out bid 2-3 times out of maybe 400 transactions.

Never mess with a blonde on a mission! *snort*

LOVE the pic!


small town dyke said...

I Love/hate ebay, it kills me when I don't win. I have gotten some great camera deals on the site and that always makes me smile!

Jude said...


you know that one i had to get...dang it..5 seconds to go and i was outbid...damn

Mel's Way or No Way said...

So was it your ass I just kicked?

I'm doing my happy dance over here.:)

Jude said... don't want to be the blue-eyed bitch....or do you?

and here i always thought you were a nice person...even with your cranky pants on.


Jen said...

I totally used to be that way. I'm so over it. Perhaps that's why I don't win many auctions. Hahah.

greg said...

I've never even been on ebay and I think it's because I know I'd be the same way.

I looove me some Betty Boop!

Mel's Way or No Way said...

Ahh, Jude, you make me laugh so hard! Thanks, I needed it. :)