Monday, January 4, 2010

OMGosh, PS I Love You!

Our long weekend in Palm Springs is over and there is way too much to write about so here are the highlights in pictures.

Thursday, New Year's Eve

Girlfriend Ar. picks us up for the two hour drive to Palm Springs.

Fresh Tamales, old soda and snow where I like to see it.

Moving along.

One of the main drags in P.S.

We walked to the four bars and bar hopped the night. It was at this bar where at one point it was so crowded there were four deep in people around the whole bar just to get a beer. Young mens were dancing on the pool tables clad in short briefs stuffed with their hard junks. Lots of guys and not too many women, in fact, women were MIA in P.S. for some reason. In line for our beers and waiting at least 30 minutes an older gay guy decided to cut the lines down from three to two and it was my line that he cut out. Considering that Mrs Jude was in between me and the asshole plus my backup Ar. with her tiara was no where to be seen, I gave the old fucker my "looks will kill you" and we got out of there and tried another bar. We rang in the New Years then went back to our room for the better celebration while Ar. continued to look for her MsGoodBar, hopefully minus the head gear.


We took a ride to the Living Desert.

There was an amazing display of miniature rail road trains. I must of spent 20 minutes just watching all the train activity.

Yup, two queers.

Holy Fucking Zebra!

A must have: date shake.

Where we celebrated Ar.'s birthday. Pizza, beer and some kind of whiskey/cranberry/something else shots. When we got back to the room that night SOD was requested by the Mrs! So far, 2010 is pretty dang good.


We went Thrift store shopping!

I mean really, in Palm Springs it's all good buys on rich people's stuff.

No I did not buy this, anyway mine are much nicer ;)

We had a late lunch here and this is where Ar. and I totally embarrassed Mrs. Jude. As we were being seated in the far back of the outdoor dining area Ar. overheard a man say to his gf..."dykes". Ar stopped right there and told the guy, "yes and I'm very proud too". We were seated only a table away from the asshole and when Ar. told us what was said that's when I started with some verbiage. Like, "gosh, I'm happy he noticed that we're Dykes because I wouldn't want it any other day" etc. Ar. and I were bantering back and forth, Mrs. Jude begged us to please drop it and she tried unsuccessfully to change the subject. All of a sudden the young man rose from his seat and came over to the table. He apologized to us and said it wasn't right of him to say what he said AND that his sister is a Lesbian. WTF!!! Mrs Jude said "that's OK" I said, "no, that was not OK and we will accept his apology" We then had a delicious deli type lunch with pickles.

Saturday night at the gay bar. We drank too much beer and I had way too many shots of Jagermeister. Mrs. Jude and I were banished from the dance floor because I was twirling the Mrs. too much. We tried to get a hook up for Ar. who did nothing to help her own cause by sitting glued to her bar stool. So I would either send out Mrs Jude as bait to reel in the women or used my very effective left eye wink to bring em in. There are some dark hole Jager moments like how or why I got Rhonda's (pictured w me) phone number in my pants pocket and did some gay guy really give me those beer glasses? We closed the bar went to the pancake house where everyone commented on how much they loved my glasses.

We had one hell of a fun filled long weekend celebrating the New Year and A's birthday. I am so glad they both only come once a year.


lesbo said...

those glasses are ridiculously funny on you. I love 'em!

thanks for bragging about the pickles. bitch.

CrackerLilo said...

Sounds like a fantastic trip! So glad it was good for you both!

I love how you dealt with the guy who called you "dykes". I'd have done something similar (albeit femmier), only my wife would play along.

Date shakes sound delicious. And oh, I love zebras!

Dragon said...

Umm nice item to find in a thrift store lol. Love the glasses! Great pics!

vixen kitten said...

I'm laughing my ass off here. The pics prove it was a wonderful trip!

Happy New Year, Sweetie!


PS....Being blonde and all, I didn't notice the zebra thang at first. In fact, I didn't notice it the second time I looked either. :) When I scrolled back up it finally registered!

And wtf is a moommi?? That was my word verification!

Ang said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time....Yay for little get aways

Camlin said...

Looks like you had a great time!

Loved the glasses.

jelly said...

nice recap...looks like a good time!!

Monkey Outlaw said...

Ah ha ha them glasses had me cracking up! Love stories wit pics! Loved the reference to snow where I like to see it ... but I have other places I would like to see our snow! We have some friends in Fl we may just have to bail early and leave for Thailand from there lol!

Looks like you had a good time - cheers to 2010!

shane rocket said...

hahahaha the pee pee is the best! you should totally buy it i dare ya. and then do a video with it somehow???>>> double dog dare ya....

kaitlin said...

that zebra is HAPPY!

aneke said...

LMAO at 'holy fucking zebra' and beer goggles!

Looks like you have a great time :)

greg said...

I love stories with pictures too! Thank you for sharing your awesome adventure.;

LilliGirl said...

Darn. I have to go lok at the zebra a 3rd time. Hate to think why that weiner was donated and even more so on who'd buy it. Gld you had a great time.

C said...

sounds like you had a most wonderful time! you party animal, you!


Mel's Way or No Way said...

Loved the pictures of your trip.

I have a great pic of a giraffe dong I took at the zoo. It would make that zebra ashamed. ;)
Who in the hell would buy that huge penis?! But I really like the statue behind it.

Happy to see you out and about again.

Laura Lee said...

JUDE you have the best stories!!! and pics to back them up!! If only you (or someone less drunk than) coulda captured the guy going over in his scooter... only b/c it turned out alright (til the drive-thru) =o)