Wednesday, January 20, 2010

The Sky is Falling!

That's what people are thinking here in San Diego because they're getting wet. Yes, it's raining in So. California. Granted the burn areas which constitute about 90% of the region (I exaggerate) have the potential of now turning into rolling masses of mud sludge (that is not an exaggeration) and should be a cause of concern but really, having a series of storms come through within a few days are giving the meteorologists orgasms while they're reporting the conditions. They actually have weather to report!! WHOO HOOOO.

They're getting to say the words like "flash flood watch" and "wind advisory" as the little scrolling words on the bottom of the screen are rolling by stating "special weather report" and "hazardous weather outlook".

We even had a tornado watch on Tuesday. WTF, in San Diego?? Did I click my red heels and end up in Memphis again?

Crazy weather, crazy people. Give me a fig, give me a beer.


Monkey Outlaw said...

LOL, don't you know the weather people love it when they are leading news of the hour! Click harder Dorothy you may just wind up in Kansas!

alphafemme said...

yeah the weather is SO STRANGE in cali right now! even in SF, where we're totally accustomed to rain in winter, these storms we're getting are unsettling. I woke up this morning with my window broken from the wind and rain water all over my bedroom floor!!

vixen kitten said...

Welcome to life in the land of corn and white bread!

We're always under some kind of advisory or another.

Stay dry.


PS I'm requesting photos of you in the red sparkly heels that you obviously clicked together. Please. :) said...

Omg Jude, were you in Memphis when we got that big ass storm that knocked the power out for weeks? I do not miss the tornadoes in the south, that's for sure. Stay safe out there in SD!

Jude said...

Yes Sir, the straight line winds from the Mississippi river? I saw the damage it did and was surprised they didn't call them gay line winds.

Mel's Way or No Way said...

So are these the red heels you wear when out on "fairy twinkle little godmother" duty? (not my words)

The mental picture is almost too much to bear. I second vk's request for a photo. Hahahahaha!

C said...

yeah i bet the weathermen get hardons with shit like this! i missed you! im glad im back! i am also worried bout the BIG 'UN earthquake they keep predicting in cali. promise me, if it ever happens whilst youre there, that you will run outside, jump up and down for your life and pray you are in the air when the ground rumbles.... this way you wont get hurt.


the poor haitians... god bless them all....


diane and i do unfortuneately LERVE threatening tornado weather and blizzards... call us crazy but it gives us a hard on! i praay we never get hit tho....


my word ver. is "TATZARDE"

i think thats Iraqie for fucktard, isnt it..?

Plans... What Plans!?! said...

What always gets me are the people who are in these flash flood (mud sludge) warning areas, and they are being advised/ordered to leave by the authorities, but they stay!

Quote from a woman... I would guess in her 70's... at the door in her bathrobe... talking to the news reporters... in the middle of a down-pour, "We've lived here for 100 years and we aren't going to leave now..." UGH!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!

I sincerely hope she doesn't lose her house... or worse!!!

Plans... What Plans!?! said...

P.S. Point being... If they are telling you to leave Jude... Head back to Memphis!!!

Don't be in your bathrobe, talking to a news reporter, hell bent on not leaving your house because you haven't for the last 100 years!!!

Thanks! :-)

Be safe!!!

Dragon said...

Yeah, I was talking to someone in our SD office about the weather there. Crazy. But hey, weather changes, you just never know.

Kel said...

sorry.. you lost me at the mental image of you in red glittery heels... bbwaaahahahaha!!!

Probably should leave R's shoes in her closet!! just sayin..